10 Things on Tuesday

1.  It’s cold and rainy today.  I woke up early, showered, dressed (nice), then went to the doctors for allergy shots.  Immediately upon returning home, I changed into sweatpants, a t-shirt, and the (dreaded) paint-stained moose sweatshirt.  I plan to live a very fully today – fully lazy.  My laziness ends around five tonight when I’ll be attending flag day celebrations.  Before you applaud my patriotism, I have no choice.  My son is part of a ceremony that the Boy Scouts are participating in.

2.  I purchased some new hair tamer last night.  I bought conditioner and a curl defining spray.  I received a sample of shampoo and hair serum free.  Today I tested it all.  While my hair was still wet, the new chemical compound looked promising, but now I have random frizzies poking haphazardly from my head.  In defense of John Frieda, it is raining today and my hair is insufferable.  Maybe a woman with frizzy hair should invent a new line of hair care products – a woman other than myself.  I’m not good with mixing chemicals.  You should have seen my science projects in school.

3. I’m SUPER EXCITED about a summer series I’ll be posting.  It all began as the 7 Days of Summer, but it’s growing with my imagination.  I won’t spoil the fun, because I’m still ironing out the details.  Let me just say that in July, I will be having several of the most fabulous bloggers as guests on The Domestic Fringe.  I’m very excited.  They will be talking about Summer Fun, Summer Fashion, Summer Food, Summer Funnies, Summer Faith, and MORE!  I can hardly wait.

4.  I have a bucket under the kitchen sink catching drips.  It’s not a happy situation, but I’ll live.  I am sure.  On the other hand, my sink may not make it.

5.  I’ve decided that popcorn is merely a conduit for butter and salt.

6.  The other day I found a black eyeliner in the back of a dresser drawer.  It was my dresser drawer.  I don’t want you to think I was browsing through the Salvation Army and stumbled upon a half-used eyeliner in a dresser drawer.  No, this was mine.  It must be about four years old (? Does my memory only go 4 years back?), because I cannot remember buying it.  I also can’t remember wearing it.  I’ve never been a black eyeliner type of girl, but I embraced the lined eye on Friday night and I think I just might like it.

Laura was my inspiration.  I can’t find the video where I saw her doing funny tricks with eyeliner, like making cat’s eyes and stuff, but here’s a great video called Lazy Gal’s Makeup.

6.  My son is obsessed with Monopoly, OBSESSED.  He’d play everyday, while once a week is a bit much for me.  Besides playing Monopoly always makes me wish I could pass GO in real life.

7.  My vanilla extract is coming along nicely.  It will be done soon, but the health department has banned me from selling it.  Well, technically they told me I couldn’t sell it at the Farmer’s Market or street fairs, but they never mentioned anything about online.  It’s my own fault for trying to do things on the up-and-up.  I should have just set up a table and sold it, but live and learn.

8.  I bought this dress from Target and I really like it.

9.  I’m turning the closet in our bedroom into a little office/writing space for me.  I’m terribly excited to have my own space.  This closet was going to transform into a half-bath, but not spontaneously.  And, well, plumbing is not our specialty.  See number 4.

10.  I need sort of a theme picture for my SUMMER SERIES in July.  I was kinda thinking how fun it would be if you guys wanted to submit a picture and then we’ll vote on one of the photos and it will become the theme picture for my Summer Series.  What do you think?

The only requirements for the photo is that it MUST be something summery.  The rest is left to your imagination.  So, send all photos via email to {Tricia9199 at yahoo dot com}.

I will accept photos until July first.  After that, I will post the five best photos and we’ll vote.  Spread the word around.  Anyone can enter and you’ll get full credit for the photo (with links) every time I use it.

Happy Tuesday.

Oh, ya!  All those hotels are MINE. 🙂


16 thoughts on “10 Things on Tuesday

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  2. Sara

    Awesome idea for summer!! And, I’m totally with you on the popcorn. Actually, I need to eat more popcorn and less chips. I’m terrible about eating my way through the summer! I read a devotional this morning that closed with a prayer to avoid food temptation. I’m trying to take it to heart, but if the choice comes down to eating or cleaning, I’m going to eat!!

  3. DJ

    You could almost pull off the cleopatra look with the eye-liner; I’m just saying.
    And I’d love to play monopoly with FringeBoy!
    Happy Summer, girlfriend!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      So funny! I found a Cleopatra dress on clearance in Target, but didn’t get it. The only one they had left was too big on me. Better than being too small, but still not great. 😉

      Happy Summer to you too DJ! 🙂

  4. Laura

    Great post! long live eyeliner! I’ll find that link and email ya! Thanks for the link love with the other video though:)
    Happy sweatpants day. I’m baking and cleaning so I’m wearing an old university t-shirt and can’t be bothered to put on a bra. But, then I have to clean up and head to bible study tonight.
    Love the idea of a photo challenge for your summer series! Can’t wait until july!


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