Girl Talk: Hair Woes – Advice Needed


Girl Talk Ahead


I need your advice, because I need hundreds of sisters.  I’m one of those women who go into the fitting room to try something on, and then stop complete strangers to get their opinion.  I’m just not sure…maybe it’s too snug in the bottom or somewhere I can’t see…I need help!

Today, I need your help.

To cut my hair or not to cut my hair – that is the question?

My husband likes it long, but my hair is heavy.  It gives me a headache every time I put it up and it needs to go up.  Very. Badly.

So here’s where you come in.  I’d like you to cast your vote on the poll below.  It’s simple.  If you think I should cut it, say ‘YES’.  If you think I should leave it long, dye it blond and play Rapunzel, say ‘NO’.

Just kidding about the ‘dye it blond’ part.

This is my hair now.

Don’t laugh.  It’s hard to take a picture in the mirror.

Please ignore the broad backside. Thank you.

Now, if I cut it, I’m going to cut it like Lisa Leonard’s.  Click HERE to see.

So what do you think?  Should I cut it??

Remember, this is what I have to work with when it is untamed.

Now I have another terribly alarming situation that I just discovered.  I think I’m going bald.  Don’t laugh.  Look at this picture I accidentally snapped.

Moses and the Israelites could have crossed the part in my hair.  I’m afraid I’m going bald just like my father and brother!  And, you should see the clumps of hair that fall from my head everyday.

Please tell me I’ll still have hair in twenty years?

Thanks for your help.

And please understand, I’ll never post this many goofy photos again.

I hereby do solemnly swear to never show my scalp in public.

You have my word.


19 thoughts on “Girl Talk: Hair Woes – Advice Needed

  1. Tori Nelson

    I love your hair (coming from a lady with thin, lifeless, cat hair on her head). I say let it grow and curl and grow and curl some more. Let the Wild Beast roar, lady!

  2. simplynareida

    Here’s the thing…Our husbands are incapable of envisioning the possibilities. It’s like they view us through a black and grey lens, incapable of seeing how one shade fits us differently than any other. I say shake things up a bit, introduce a little pizazz into his scope and trust me…he will love the new look – just as much as he loves the old look. Can’t wait to see the new do!

  3. Jenn

    Cut it. It will grow back in a month (only a slight exageration). You need a change, and you aren’t going that short if you copy Lisa’s cut. Your hair is weighing down, that’s why you see your scalp. You have HEAVY hair syndrome. ;0). I like the shorter in the back look, although mine is so slight you can’t really tell but it makes a difference. Try it!! You just might like it! And with it longer in the front, it won’t seem short to him. :0)

  4. caprik

    I would say that look would be very do-able. Can you get that much curl? You might have to work at it with product. I put the stuff in, blo dry a little, air dry some, and blow again. The air drying helps greatly with the frizz. I do not recommend using thinning shears. I find that makes more frizz, plus bigger hair.

  5. Jennifer Jo

    I voted yes just because I sense that’s what YOU want to do. I think your hair is very pretty long. I also think you’d great with a mass of cropped curls—even shorter than what you’re going for.

    You’re not going bald.

  6. chrissy

    Hey, I just checked over here. On FB, I didn’t get as many details. I noticed when my hair almost got to my waist, I started getting headaches too, and unfortunately, it’s just too heavy at that point. And, your ‘before’ picture looks like you already have to do a lot of work to it anyway, so it might as well be shorter and lighter. The new cut you picked is very cool, and for me, I normally just need a change sometimes, no matter what. I say do it. As far as if you’re going bald, I think part of that may be that your hair is heavy, so it pulls down harder and your hair is dark, so the contrast between hair and skin is more obvious. I have a ton of hair come out too, so that’s normally with longer hair. Stress can cause that too. If you are truly concerned though, I’d go to the doctor so you can stop it now or slow it down at this point, before it got to the point where you knew you were really losing hair.

  7. LadyMongrel

    Cut!!! mine is also curly and frizzy, but its weightless and thin.. so i don’t have much problem in keep it long..
    I love the texture and look of your hair, though. And I’m sure Mr.Fringe wouldn’t mind have it short for a while.
    and you could change the side/part of your hair, like your daughter look..:)
    Good luck!

  8. Amber Pamper

    Keep it long and get it thinned out (the bottom part anyway) have a stylist use thinning shears on your hair. it is so pretty long and beautiful. keep it long! p.s. use castor oil on your thinning hair spots, it helps it to naturally grow back. 🙂

  9. marytoo

    I totally feel your pain. We have major hair issues in our family, too. Lisa’s haircut is very cute, and I’m pretty sure it will work for your hair. Anyway, if you don’t love it, don’t worry, it will grow back!

  10. kidspartyheaven

    I vote for cut your hair. It will look great in the style you mentioned. In fact if you have it cut like that, it won’t even look as if you’ve taken any length away. So you will have a lighter head, a fresh new look and long hair still. That’s a win/win in my book!

  11. mrs1910Mrs. E

    I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I have a natural perm-type curl. From my experience, cutting the length will not necessarily help you out with the frizz factor. I would cut in some MAJAH layers (ala Lisa Leonard) but keep the longer length (keep in mind what hubs likes, but also what is manageable), invest in some mousse (I like tresseme curl care) and do what I do (step-by-step below). You could even try this w/o getting a haircut, I just find the curl looks better if there are layers because then it is not the lampshade effect and the upper parts of your hair strands are not weighted down.

    -After in the shower, brush your hair and make a soft part, pull fingers through a couple of times to loosen it up
    -Flip over (kind of like a yoga pose)
    -Put a handful of mousse in your left hand (no messing around, full handful!)
    -Take a bit in your right hand a scrunch through your hair (I start at the bottom of my hairline towards my neck and work that area, then move to the face)
    -Retake more mousse as you go, then do the same with the other side of your head
    -Let it air dry or diffuse. I tend to window dry during the summer (in the car on the way to work) and diffuse during the winter or rainy days

    Keep in mind, the more you touch and scrunch, the frizzier it will be once it drys. Let the mousse do it’s job.

    and try letting it air dry.

  12. Betsy

    I had the same issue with my hair when it was long. You could have bowled down the lane along my part. When I cut it all off, though, it self-corrected. The weight of your hair could be pulling it out by the roots. I think Lisa’s hair cut would look great on you. I voted!


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