This mom got steals & deals w/out a coupon.

I should have designated this ‘Girl’s Week’ and thrown a party with nachos and chocolate.  I’m sorry about all the extremely girly posts; I’m especially sorry to you three men who occasionally read my blog.  After this week, you’ll never read The Domestic Fringe again.  Because let’s face it, what man needs more female chatter in their lives?

Not my husband.  He would equate reading a blog about hair or clothing to getting all of his teeth root-cannaled and then pulled from his head without the use of Novocaine.

But I am a woman (who must be hormonal), because today I bring you my steals and deals.  I’m terrible with coupons.  I’m like the antithesis of an extreme couponer; I’m a save-less food shopper.  It’s not that I don’t want to save money in the grocery store, I do, I really do.  It’s just that I forget to buy the Sunday paper, and I greet Monday morning with nary a coupon to clip.

However, I am good at saving money on clothes.  I was about to say that we all have clothes and we all look nice, but we don’t always look nice.  We do always have clothing though.  Nudists we are not.

There’s a thrift store in our town, nothing more than a little hole in the wall, run by the Catholic Charities.  It’s a ministry and they often allow you to fill a paper grocery bag with clothes.  All for the affordable price of $5.  When they don’t have a $5 bag special running, the clothes are marked between $1 and $1.50, slightly higher for coats.  Shoes and belts are free.

This week I spent $10 in this thrift store and I feel like I stole from them.  I offered to give them more money, but they wouldn’t take it.

Here’s my bounty:

  • 5 shirts for my son
  • 6 shirts for my daughter
  • 2 dresses for my daughter
  • 3 belts
  • 2 dresses for me
  • 2 skirts for me
  • 3 shirts for me (1 Gap shirt, 1 Banana Republic shirt)

If that’s not just as good as extreme couponing, then I happily declare myself a spendthrift mom.

Do you want to see some pictures?

Of course you do.  If you’ve been reading this long, you’re female, and we like pictures.

Two disclaimers first:

  1. My room is a hot mess.  Like, you’ll be horrified to see my dresser top and I promise to clean it tonight. (Yes, mom.  I promise!)  Before you call Clean House, the other rooms are in better shape.  Ok, they’re not.  It’s summer though and the sunshine is calling.
  2. The pictures are pretty pathetic.   I want to blame my camera, but it’s probably the photographer.

I made tie’s for these dresses out of old t-shirts.  They came out so cute.

Yes, she has a farmer’s tan.  Don’t those straps work out well?  A nine year-old cannot do / should not do strapless.  Let’s face it, she can’t keep her plumber’s tush covered, so how is she going to keep a dress up?

a small sampling of t-shirts

The blue one with the dog is an American Girl t-shirt, but I like Sylvester in the Surf’s Up shirt best.

My daughter spotted this dress as soon as she walked into the shop and had to have it.  When we got home and she tried it on, I realized it had pleats and provisions for a chest.  This was a grow-up dress, so I tried it on and it fits.  You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s pink and white check and it’s handmade (very well made).  It would look darling with a pair of cow-girl boots, so I’m saving it incase I’m ever invited to a square dance.  The chances are pretty slim, but I think it would be fun.

Here’s a dress I got for myself.  It’s from New York and Company and looks brand new.  Don’t laugh at the belt.  I grabbed it because I knew it needed something and Madonna belts are making a comeback.  Who am I to fight a trend.

Thank you for all your hair support yesterday.  I went from crying in my oatmeal to feeling like I had a sister-hood of sympathizers.  Thank you.

I did cut my hair.  It’s actually cut in these pictures, but you can’t tell.  I’ll style it myself tomorrow and take a picture.  It’s not quite as great the inspiration photo, but I have confidence with a few cuts and specific instructions, it’ll get there.  I guess it just needs time to evolve.  I didn’t get it all in one cut.

Have you found any good deals lately?

And dare I ask…Have you been bit by the extreme couponing bug?

Thank you to those of you who sent in your summer photos for my Summer Series contest.  I need more pictures though!  I know so many of you are good with cameras; I read your blogs.  Rules are HERE.  Send something in.  Please!  You’ll all get links and credit.  Thanks!


7 thoughts on “This mom got steals & deals w/out a coupon.

  1. Megan

    I love me some thrift stores. Let’s face it–it’s the only way I’m ever going to get something from Ann Taylor!

    As for extreme couponing, I’ve watched the shows, but it doesn’t seem to make much sense to me. Sure, you got 100 bags of croutons FOR FREE….but what are you going to eat with them? Will you just pour them in a bowl and eat it like cereal? Balance, people, balance…

  2. Spectra

    I love our local Good Will. But I usually just buy mismatched dishes and silver-plated chafing dishes for under $5.oo. Thrift stores are awesome; vintage without the collectibles store pricetags. Great shopping spree’.

  3. marytoo

    I used to be something of a couponer before couponing was cool. Never extreme, though. Most coupons are for things I am afraid to eat, so I don’t have to go there. I have noticed something, though, that has pretty well cured me from even modest couponing. The Extreme shows, imho, have brought out the worst in too many otherwise nice people. The first one to show up at the store doesn’t buy one, or two, or even five free items; she buys out the entire stock. And then she holds up the checkout line. So I like your brand of frugal much, much better. I wish we had a thrift store.

  4. debbie york

    Let me start by saying…I.Don’t.Coupon. That requires work and I am the queen of lazy. Now of course, I do shop and I can spot a savvy shopper a mile away. You my girl are one smart shopper.
    l was rolling when I read your line about keeping the ol’ dress up where it belongs. There’s a lot of ladies out there who could use some straps made from ties on their dresses…if you get my drift!!!
    You ARE such a material girl….love ya!

  5. accidentalsouthernmama

    I completely outfitted Big at the Salvation Army a week or so ago…I was stunned when clothes she’d worn only the week before were suddenly too small! Can we all say Growth Spurt! Ack! Anywho, I walked out with a pair of shorts for Baby (can’t forget her), a pair of capris, 3 pairs of shorts and an end table for $17. It was quite happy!

    As for couponing, I’ve been couponing for YEARS! Yesterday was quite lovely as I managed to save 48% off my groceries and I’ll be getting a $5 gas card (or two) on top of it from cereal Cars 2 codes. Go ME!

  6. Laura

    Oooh, fabulous deals! Shoes and belts are free?!?! that’s ridiculous!

    I whole-heartedly agree on your straps stance – and good job creating them, the dress is really cute.
    Good luck with the hair styling! Mousse is your friend!


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