House Fire – Family of 7 Left Homeless

No Fiction Friday today.  Some things are way more important than schedules.  This morning I sat down to my computer and found out a fire engulfed a home on Wednesday night, leaving Momfog and her family to face probably the biggest tragedy of their young lives.

These are Momfog’s own words:

The title of my last post was “What a Difference a Day Makes.”  I had no idea.  A little over 24 hours ago, my house burned to the ground, leaving my family with nothing but the clothes on our backs, our cars, and the contents of our garage.

She goes on to recount how a police officer found them at church Wednesday night to tell them flames engulfed their home.  They went and watched everything they own burn to the ground.

Please go read her post, send her some love, and rally around their family in support.  If ever they need your prayers and help, it’s now.

I don’t remember if I stumbled on Momfog’s blog or she found mine, but I’m so glad we’ve had the chance to meet and get to know one another a little.  She is a super sweet woman with an amazing spirit.  Her family’s attitude in the face of such a terrible tragedy is nothing short of God’s grace at work.

Today I ask you to pray with me for Momfog and her precious family.

We love you Momfog!


5 thoughts on “House Fire – Family of 7 Left Homeless

  1. momfog

    Fringe Girl,

    Thank you so much for your prayers and asking others to pray as well. Believe me, they are being answered in some amazing ways. God is so good!


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