Today Won’t Make Room for Boredom

I remember being bored when I was a child.   Now I only use boredom as an excuse to ignore my ‘to-do’ list; however, my children delight in telling me they’re bored.  Just ask them.

Today is different.  Today will not make room for boredom.   It’s the first Monday of full summer.  Everyone is out of school, summer programs began, and the city pool opened.

This little girl…

woke me up at six-thirty in the morning to go play tennis.  Fully dressed and carrying her racket, she shook my eyes open.

Lessons did not begin until nine, but an early bird hits the tennis ball, or something like that.

My neighbor rescued my children from a sit-and-wait in the doctor’s office and brought them swimming in the afternoon.  Believe me, I would rather have been swimming.  Doctor’s appointments for female check-ups are just above death on my bucket list and right below an IRS tax audit, even though my doctor is sweet as pie.

Tennis before lunch and swimming after lunch may become our summer schedule.  I think I could live with that.

Now I just hope the sun and clouds cooperate.  Secretly I wish for a summer drought.  Isn’t that terrible?  I wish we could somehow truck gallons and gallons of our extra water to the south and west.  I know others need it, but rainy days and migraines have me down.

Not down, down.  Don’t worry.

I’m just running low on rainy day ideas.  Friday found me with four children, one migraine, and four zillion drops of water.  I popped a few pills and plopped in a chair to wait for my vision to clear.  Then I decided an art project was in order.  Directing four kids in an art project may seem like a bad idea when you have a migraine, but the alternative is listening to the very loud sounds of four children amusing themselves.

Painting it was.

Nobody really followed my directions, but there are times not to care.

My son’s masterpiece won him a framed spot of honor over my kitchen counter.

And because I run an equal opportunity gallery…

Please excuse the fact that I didn’t clean the counter off for the photo.  I’m messy like that.

I love displaying the paintings in my kitchen.  It needs a burst of life and my cooking sure isn’t all rainbows and color.

I asked my kids if there were any grown-ups in the pool today.

“No, just lots of kids.”

Exactly as I suspected.  The water is probably a warm forty-eight degrees.   I better get a heated wet suit if I plan on swimming.

One last picture, because I’m silly like that.

On Saturday, I sent my daughter upstairs to clean her room.  When I walked into her room a little while later, ordered chaos greeted me.

My heart gave a little everythingisamess flutter, but then I remembered.  My room looked just like hers when I was a kid, and I loved every little piece of junk.

So live happy FringeKid.

One day you’ll be all grown-up and realize you’re wearing tacky tropical.  You’ll look at your own daughter’s mix-and-match mess and realize she’s going to grow up to be just like you.

Here’s to boring summer days playing tennis and sitting by the pool.  May there be many.

PS. Thank you Chris at Bridgesburning for your kinds words today.


10 thoughts on “Today Won’t Make Room for Boredom

  1. Megan

    Not only am I impressed with Fringekid artwork, I’m impressed that you started an art project with a migraine! When I get a migraine, I turn off all the lights and hide in my room. I may or may nott grunt an answer if someone dares to ask me a question.

  2. Charming's Mama

    Love your sons artwork. People tell me all the time how much I remind them of my mother. When I was younger and immature it used to really bug me, but now I know how much of a compliment it really is and love the comparison.

  3. Amber Pamper

    Ahahhaaa. Part of my bratty side wants my daughter to be just like me desperately just because of how she razzes me. Then again I am a serious contestant of What not to Wear most of the time!! Poor girl.

  4. Laura

    So glad you had a fabulous summer day, minus the lovely lady appointment….I’m due for that soon too…ugh.
    Your daughter sounds like she’s on the road to being a movie star, what with tennis every morning….if she starts doing yoga and going vegetarian look out, there’s no going back!

  5. Deb

    sigh. It’s a kid’s life isn’t it?! FringeKid is so cute but tell her she’s not allowed in your room until 8am. Good luck! 🙂


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