My Way of Saying Thank You

There are so many great blogs, I often wonder why you bother to read mine.

Today, I just want to say Thank You for reading, for putting up with my way to lame photos, for laughing at my jokes that aren’t very funny, for listening to me whine and complain, and for always being there with an encouraging word.

You’re the best blog readers ever!

Because I like you so much, I want to take a minute and share some of the awesome posts I’ve read recently.  Unfortunately I always have a difficult time going back and finding one of your posts that I knew I should’ve saved somewhere.  One day I’ll learn to bookmark them.

Until then, be inspired by some awesome bloggers.

I love this video by Whatever.  She’s so very creative.   She said she thought this had a Wonder Years feel and she’s absolutely right.

These are my two absolutely beautiful nieces.  The little girl with the white flower and bow in her hair is not my niece.  The other two most certainly are, and I miss them.

Here’s a post on how to look like a Diva everyday.  I never knew how much I needed undershirts until I read this post.

Here’s an interesting post from The Coffee House on What Men Want.

I’ve recently found this blog and I love it.  Her children are beautiful and she takes the best pictures.  It’s called Enjoying The Small Things.  Go visit.

Here’s a pretty post On Staying Home and Sweet Summer.

Megan shared some really good advice for Ministry Newbies.

Lisa from Woman Wielding Words (she sometimes links up to Fiction Friday) has decided to publish her book via Kindle.  Congrats Lisa!

This is a fashion blog.  At least once a week I find myself clicking over to see what Kendi wore.  I don’t think girls ever outgrow playing dress-up.

You may want to buy a bunch of berries and try this pound cake recipe.  It makes my taste buds jump for buttery joy.

Have you ever visited Flower Patch Farmgirl?  If you haven’t, rush right over.

Deb from Loyalist Cottage needs a bit of design help.  Her dining room chairs are crying for fabric and she’s taking suggestions.  If you’ve got an eye for style, go help her. 

The Pioneer Woman has the funniest photography contest going on.  You must see these pictures.  You’ll laugh hysterically. I’m linking to Group 1, but you’ve gotta take a minute and look through all the groups.  People are seriously funny.

Thanks for all the work you bloggers put into your posts.  I know it’s not always easy to pump out fabulousness everyday, but somehow you manage.  Keep up the good work!


8 thoughts on “My Way of Saying Thank You

  1. hilljean

    So…I just now saw the little shout out. Thanks so much! Hahaha I never knew that my post about undershirts would get so much attention 🙂 Love your blog and thanks again! I’ll definitely be checking out these other blogs!

  2. Tori Nelson

    You are sweet to share! Excited to check out some of these blogs that are new to me!
    P.S. Lame is in the eye of the Be-ummm, Blogger. You are the Anti Lame 🙂


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