What’s Black & White and Pink all over?

My baby is growing up and I’m not really sure if I like it.  That’s the truth.

She thought her yellow room, full of pastels and fluff, was too babyish.

But there were butterflies flying on her walls!

I didn’t care if she had her flowered sheets since she was two.  Once upon a time my little girl picked out the baby pink fabric with octopuses and begged me make her curtains.

Times change and so do rooms.  Let’s hope this decor lasts another six years.

So that’s the big makeover.  We thought it would take months to complete, but this room is brought to you by our sponsor, GRANDMA.

Thank you for helping make this beautiful room possible.  FringeKid is loving it!

Fabric for Curtains – Hobby Lobby Online

Posters – Allposters.com

Sheets, Green Shag Carpet, Furry Blanket, Pink Curtain Liner – Wal-Mart

Lampshade – Homemade

Pink Flowers – Homemade

Night Table – Plucked from Trash and Painted

Trash Can & Frames – Michael’s

What do you think?

Jennifer Rizzo is having a linky party over on her blog.  Go visit for more great rooms.


9 thoughts on “What’s Black & White and Pink all over?

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  2. LeAnn

    The important question is….Does she like it? I can’t imagine that she doesn’t as it looks very hip. Hey, I do recognize those pillows….lol.


  3. ladyofthemanse


    Our Belle would like a change too, but we’ve lived in this house nearly nine years and haven’t painted our room or the kitchen or hallway yet–so her room is on the list, but it will be a while.

  4. Mariza

    Wow! That was fast! And it’s so beautiful! I can’t wait to decorate my daughters’ new room! Thank you for sharing, I’m inspired!


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