A Different Kind of Summer

Are you doing anything differently since it’s summer?

We are.  I know that just because the calendar turns a page and the sun shines strong doesn’t mean everyone gets time off from work.  That stinks.  I think an eight week mandatory paid vacation should exist for all non-essential jobs.  Or maybe only the winter lovers can work during the weeks of July and August…don’t you think that would be a great idea?

I’m loving summer and we are doing things differently here on The Fringe.  We’re starting our days early in the morning.  Normally I would whine and fuss at my alarm clock, but I’ve actually been disengaging myself from my pillow with a fair amount of ease.  I’ve not even complained about very frizzy hair, extraordinarily high humidity, or an abundance of allergens in the air.  I’m just glad it’s not snowing!

We’ve also been pretty lax with our kids.  Do we even have bedtimes anymore?  I don’t think so, but summer is only eight short weeks, so who cares about bedtimes.  We simply don’t have time for them.  We’re too busy splashing in the pool, taking swim lessons, playing tennis (think running after all the balls my daughter misses), and taking in a ball game or three.

Life is pretty great.

I even ate a S’mores tonight without guilt.  I figure when I’m dead, no-one will remember the summer S’mores I shouldn’t have eaten in 2011.  Life can really be that simple.  Sometimes.

Other little changes in our routine include making easy-peasy meals and leaving the house slightly askew.  My motto this summer is forget the to-do and remember the to-be.

Ya, I totally just made that up, but it sounded kinda cool, didn’t it?  I think I’ll try to remember it.

And let me be completely honest with you – I’m a little annoyed that Back-to-School items are already being pushed on us.  For Pete’s sake, we just finished school!

I feel better now.

In keeping with summer theme of lazy indulgence, I stumbled across a great new website.  Just when I thought I mastered wasting time, I found a whole new world of girly inspiration.

It’s called Pinterest.

Are you on it?  Have you heard about it?

Basically you make idea boards from thousands of lovely pictures.  If I could have figured out how to cut and paste one on my blog, I totally would have, but you’ll have to settle for a few photos in collage.

All photos via Pinterest

This is only a sampling of what I’ve saved to my ‘Home Decor’ board.  I love those brightly painted chairs and don’t even get me started on the white sofa and pillows.

This isn’t about I wish I had or I want to get, it’s really just about gathering pretty.  Isn’t that what we girls like to do?

Anyway, here’s my link.  If you’re on Pinterest, follow me, so I can follow back.

Because look at this lamp…

Pinterest via pinkfriday.blogg

Are you in love with it as much as I am?

Oh happy, happy summer.  I missed you for all those long months of cold.


11 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Summer

  1. robinaltman

    Gorgeous lamp! Gorgeous everything!

    I’m loving this summer. I’m taking so much time off, I feel guilty. Everything seems more mellow in the summer, even when I’m working. I wonder if it works that way in Florida? Is it the sun or no school?

  2. Tori Nelson

    “Life can really be that simple.” This post was a total breath of fresh air. Thanks for reminding us to chill 🙂
    I am in LOVE with Pinterest! I’ll be sure to follow you!

  3. Joss

    Reading this reminded me of why I enjoyed homeschooling. You could be on a ‘summer’ schedule all year. In many ways, it made for much less stress.
    Enjoy this time – it goes by way too fast.
    I love your new expression. forget the to-do and remember the to-be!!

  4. ladyofthemanse

    Alas, Pinterest doesn’t interest….I made the mistake of cataloguing all the cross-stitch charts and kits I really want to do (this doesn’t include the others I have). 18 of them! I don’t have time to do anything but stitch if I want to get those done before I’m seventy!

    And doing something different? I feel like this is the first break I’ve had in about two years when I haven’t been pushing to accomplish something or go somewhere. This week has been lovely! And it is our 15th Anniversary today. Just the same, we are getting stuff done (even some school) and we’re enjoying it.

  5. Megan

    I have thus far managed to avoid the vortex that is Pinterest. Oh–don’t think I haven’t been tempted, but I simply have no extra time to spare ooh-ing and aahh-ing over things I wish I had time to make/do/buy/organize. So don’t tempt me, okay? 🙂

    As for school…I’m already in panic mode! It’s only a few short weeks away for me and I feel summer slipping away rather rapidly! Smores! I need more smores, pronto!!

  6. marytoo

    I’ll see you back-to-school stuff and raise you Xmas. Yep. I’m not even kidding. Hobby Lobby has already had Xmas stuff out for about a month. Kinda takes the shine off the holiday, don’t you think?

  7. Charming's Mama

    Ya know I was in JoAnn’s the other day and they had their fall stuff out along with all the school stuff! Argh! Pinterest looks dangerous, pretty sure I would love it and I may just sign up. Not that I’m not already wasting too much time on the computer anyway. (Ahem)


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