The Best Thing My Town Has Done

Yup, that’s a dirty sock on the floor.  Blogging gets dicey every once in a while.  Without warning, you find yourself airing your dirty laundry for all the world to see.

Our town had a yard sale today (Saturday).  The thought of a town wide yard sale has had my junking juices in a flurry all week, but I was in a quandary – I wanted to sell, but I wanted to buy.  What’s a girl to do?

FringeKid made me up a sign and I hauled my junk to the curb.  Then I left a coffee can on the porch steps with a sign asking people to leave their payment in the can.  I figured people are mostly honest, and if they needed my stuff so bad that they would rob a lawn sale, I’d just let em’ have it.  Gladly.

You know what?

People are mostly honest.  I came home to money in the can.

And what a great bunch of loot I got!

It was a good day to be me.  I stopped at one sale, spent $12 and walked away with a cute black & white dress, a pair of shorts, 4 nice sweaters, several t-shirts, and pink patterned skirt.  I don’t think I’ll ever pay more than twenty-five cents for an Old Navy t-shirt again.

I also bought a couple of sweatshirts for the family, because come January, February, and March there are never enough sweatshirts.  My son managed to score the best deal of the day though.  He bought a brand new, never opened, Lego set for fifty cents.  This set would have originally retailed for nearly $50.

The only impractical purchase I made was this crate.

I’m a crate lover.  I just cannot help it!

It’s got spiders and everything.

Now what would you clever folks do with a crate like this?

I’d love some ideas and I know you have lots, so don’t hold back on me.  You hear?

And finally my FREE tote bag.

I’ve desperately needed a tote bag all week.  I know you’ll think that’s a bit dramatic, but nothing has ever been truer.

And look, this bag matches my nails.

Please ignore my buggy hands.  Why aren’t my veins ever bulged like that when they need to throw an IV in?

This is a big week on the Fringe.  Monday begins our Summer Series and Flower Patch Farmgirl is our first guest.  Be sure to come back and visit.  I guarantee you won’t want to miss this week’s posts.

But before the Summer Series kicks off, Sunday is FringeMan’s birthday.  I won’t tell you what number, because that will age me indirectly.  Let’s just say he’s a year older, a bit wiser, and more lovable than ever.

Happy Birthday FringeMan!

I hope your cake comes out good, because I’ve checked it three times already and it doesn’t seem to be cooking.  I’ll just add extra peanut-butter frosting.  Okay?

Now please leave FringeMan a nice Happy Birthday wish and let me know what you did this weekend.

Love Ya,


13 thoughts on “The Best Thing My Town Has Done

  1. Jill

    Happy Birthday, Fringeman! I have no idea what to do with the crate, but I love the idea of a tote that matches your nails! Happy summer, Fringegirl! Looking forward to this week!

  2. Laura

    what a cool idea for a yard sale! I’m glad you came home and that the money can was even still there!
    Also, LOVE that your nails match your bag. You are the bees knees. Do you ever read Blight’s blog? I think it’s on mum’s blogroll. She went through a phase where she matched her nails to the novels she was reading. Cracked me up!

  3. Charming's Auntie

    Happy Birthday Fringe Man, hope your day was filled with joy.

    As for the crate, I second the flowers idea. That would be cool on the front porch.

  4. Deb

    Happy Birthday FringeMan!

    Tricia, I’m a crate kind of girl too but I never know what to do with them. You scored big at the yard sale! 🙂 🙂

  5. storygal

    The crate, without spiders and the inside racks, would make an interesting planter for flowers.

    Happy Birthday Fringeman. Hope you enjoy your cake.

  6. Crowing Crone Joss

    you really scored. Love the crate. Not sure what I’d do with it but something neat will come to mind. In august, each year, here in Nova Scotia there is a 75 mile long yard sale. I think people almost lose their minds with all the treasures to be had.
    have a great weekend.


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