Summer Fashion – Beauty, Style, Color – Tips for Every Woman

Photo via Sydney @ The Charming Tyrants

Summer Series – Day 2 – Summer Fashion

I’m so very excited to introduce you to Laura of Broken Poet.  She’s a lovely woman who has a passion for fashion and style, but also has a fabulous perspective on beauty, inside and out.  Not long ago she gave us an enlightening and refreshing talk on real beauty (She ain’t pretty, she just looks that way), and today she is going to help us with summer fashion. 

Heaven knows I need a little help.  How about you?

Please don’t miss her Vlog.  She makes the best!  And she has a wonderful little Etsy shop, so be sure to visit. 

Welcome Laura!  Thank you for being my guest.



I’m super excited FringeGirl asked me to be a part of her summer series!
One thing that I really love about summer is the easy, care-free vibe everyone gets.  You are no longer strategically bundling up in layers to prevent frostbite; you can relax, just slide into some flop flops and go.  It’s wonderful.
So, in the free & easy spirit of summer I want to share some summer fashion tips/suggestions & beauty products that I love.
But, right before I do that, just a friendly reminder to WEAR SUNSCREEN!

I don’t care what kind you buy, just wear it – faithfully!

I love UV Essential SPF by CHANEL.
It makes the best make-up primer: it’s not greasy, has no smell, helps make-up stay put, makes skin feel velvety soft & look brighter.  I love it so much I would still wear it daily in an alternate universe where there is no sun.

Now, on to the fun stuff!
COLOUR (yes, I spell it with a u, so does the Queen. I feel I am in good company)

I always try to wear more colour in the summer, whether it be my clothing, my nail polish, my accessories, or my make-up.  This may be due to the fact that for the last 6 years of my life my work dress code has either been 1. All Black or 2. Black & White.  If you also have dress code dilemmas than get ready, I’ll talk more about dealing with dress codes in the summer below.
If colour-coordinating is not your strong point then paint chips are your friend.  Seriously. The Benjamin Moore website could be a fabulous tool for you.

 You can select a specific colour like in the frame below
and then it will recommend 2 colours to compliment it!
Not sure about the 2 accent colours, click  ‘more colour combos’ amd it will suggest 2 more.
Or, you can see what other shades match to make a monocromatic outfit
Since lime green, excuse me, “Margarita”, is not a colour that maybe anyone could pull off let’s look at it
It suggests pairing it with either  a dark slate gray or soft mushroomy gray.
Either of those neutrals could be worn by just about anyone.  If you love that green why not find a skirt in the shade and wear one of the accent colours on top.       Or, maybe go head to toe in a light gray khaki with lime shoes or a bag as an accent.
 Another way to wear colour is with your make-up.  This is the time of year when you can push the envelope so to speak with your make-up.  Put on a bright, but sheer lipgloss or balm.  Wear a colour lighter and brighter than you would for the rest of the year.  Anything lip product says ‘sheer’ or ‘tint’ is your friend in the summer.  Be brave, be bold, be bright!
One colour that I love in the summer is a M.A.C lipstick called Perpetual Flame in the problongwear lip creme formula.  Warning: it is not sheer!
I wear it with either a hot pink liner or sometimes the Magenta liner also by M.A.C. shown above.
If you’re really up for the 3B’s, here’s a funky eye make-up look you could try.
It’s a fun look for a beach party or outdoor concert.
I also like bright polish on my toes in the summer.  I’m usually found in dark nail colours, all those ‘almost black’ shades.  But in the summer I tend to lighten up.  I keep my fingernails pretty bare and neutral and let my toes pop!  Nails are also a great way to wear a trend colour that you may not be bold enough to wear in clothing, like bright yellow or electric coral.
either a bright colour or neutral shimmer…and usually just one colour at a time :

Now. some tips on summer dressing:

Maxi dresses and skirts are really in.  If you’re petite like me (I’m only 5’2″) you can still wear maxis!
The rule with petite dressing is that if you go long you have to really commit, I’m talking ankle bone.  Alternatively, if you go short, kneecaps should be showing.  If your hem hits somewhere in between you just look even shorter than you are.

I’ve used the same blouse so that you can see how one piece can be dressy or casual.  Also, blouses are great in the summer for many reasons.  Find one that is at least 80% cotton.  They breathe.  It’s so nice on a hot day.  Also, the shape of a blouse is really flattering as they skim over any lumps and bumps.  Take a look at these same outfits with just a white fitted t-shirt

The blouse smooths away my tummy area and the jacket camouflages the area.
Committed to the comfy white t-shirt?

Cardigans & blazers work well too.  I added a bright scarf to the blazer because I wanted to bring in some colour.  I love the khaki green, but I need something brighter by my face.  If you know ‘your colour’ find it in a scarf!  You will gets lots of mileage out of it.
Are you, like most of us, on a budget this summer?
Then think outside the box.
I can wear this skirt as a strapless dress.  I added the belt that came free with the purple blouse because I felt that it made this look more like an outfit…and less like I just pulled my skirt up to my armpits.
This might be an example of a summer work outfit in an office casual environment.  Shorts can be work appropriate in most offices if the material & style is right.  These are cotton, black, and on the longer side.  Denim short shorts are not going to be welcomed in most workplaces as professional.  These capris are a great alternative if shorts aren’t allowed & you don’t like skirts. Fabric is key for keeping these seasonal.  I have seen fall capris for tucking in knee high boots – these are usually a heavy fabric like a wool blend – definitely avoid them this time of year.  A warning with capris – as you can see in my photo, they do nothing for petite legs.  I for one don’t mind because they’re comfy and often practical.
Wearing a sandal with a heel helps counteract the short vibe – just make sure they don’t have an ankle strap.  That’s just too many horizontal lines cutting up your already short leg.

Either of these would give height and elongate the look of the leg.
(silver are unknown, black are Michael Kors)

When I start to crave summer colour at my black and white workplace I bring it in through accessories.  Ask if wearing a colourful scarf is allowed.  What about coloured shoes and purses? Wear some fun colourful costume jewelry, nail polish, and nothing cheers me up and brightens my face more than a bright lipstick.
I’ve worn this ensemble to my black and white dresscode  workplace many times.
I not only have a scarf, but a pink broach too.  My nails are a hot fuchsia colour and my earrings are dangly and made up of various pink shades.  I chose to stick with a black belt and sandals.  I chose a raffia belt to go with this cotton dress because to me it’s more of a summery material.

Last but not least, some of my favourite summer things – fashion wise!

Hat with a brim – essential.  I also have a really wide brimmed hat that I wear at the beach.
Scarf – to use as a headband or ponytail holder.  Or, tie one around a hat to coordinate it with your outfit.
Spin Pins – those Goody hair accessories are the best!  They make a fab messy bun and they’ve just come out with minis!
Dry Shampoo and Natural Bristle Brush – just spray this dry powder directly on your roots and then brush out.  Takes away that greasy, stringly look of 2nd or 3rd day hair.  It’s also great for adding volume even if your hair isn’t dirty!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!  I’m curious about all of your favourite summer fashion items.  Please let me know what they are in the comments.


Thank you Laura!

I absolutely love your style and I so appreciate your post.


Dear blog readers, I have transgressed Laura’s rules repeatedly this summer.  In fact, after she sent me this post, my exact words to her were…

“Laura, you broke my heart forever!  I am the girl in the comfy skirt and t-shirt…like every single day in the summer time.  I think this post is just for me, because I also have tons of skirts that hit just to the top of my knee or just below.  My legs are way too flabby to wear a shorter skirt and I never actually hem a skirt.  You know?

I’ve been faced with my own fashion failures and am dying the death of a frump.  I’ll try to ramp things up a bit, but I’m not sure I’m ready to break up with my t-shirts.”

I offer you proof, but don’t be quick to judge until you start showing your photos.
It’s like my uniform every single day of summer.  A skirt and a twenty-five cent junk t-shirt that I rummaged out of a yard sale.
I do much better in the winter.
How about you?  What’s your basic ‘uniform’?  Come on, spill the beans….
Laura is a wife, youth leader, blogger, make-up artist & and wannabe image consultant.  She works daily to empower women of all ages by teaching clients to simply enhance their own naturally beautiful features.  To her close friends and family she has become the go-to authority on what to wear and her closet has supplied many an outfit for everything from Halloween costumes, graduation dinners, weddings, and the ever popular “theme days” at various workplaces.

Follow along as she writes on the random happenings of everyday life and occasionally shares beauty tips and tricks at her blog Broken Poet.

Don’t forget, Laura wants to know “all of your favourite summer fashion items”. Let her know in the comments!

I’m linking this post to What I Wore Wednesday at The Pleated Poppy.  Go visit for more fashion inspiration.


Your friend and fashion disaster,

PS. Yesterday I posted at An Army of Ermas.  I’ll be honest, I need some comment love over there.  I’m sharing a recipe, but I’m not much better at cooking than I am at dressing, so read at your own risk.


19 thoughts on “Summer Fashion – Beauty, Style, Color – Tips for Every Woman

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  2. robinaltman

    FringeGirl, you always look totally adorable! I love you in your skirts and t’s! My summer staple is a t shirt with really baggy boyfriend cut cargo pants rolled up and platforms. Ah….

    Laura, where can I get lessons on using the spin pin? I’ve bought them and tried the directions to no avail. I end up with wire stuck in a snarl.

    1. laura

      oh no! I find it best if I wrap my hair into a tight bun. Then I gently twist one upwards through the bun, starting on the bottom left. When that’s in place I twist the 2nd one downwards, starting at the top right. Occasionally They intertwine with each other but I’ve never had a snarly mess! Maybe the shorter minis would work better for you.
      I’ll do a video and post it on my blog this week, check back:

    1. Laura

      Hey Charming’s Mama,
      Osis is a great hair care line that’s just released a dry shampoo. It’s available through hairdressers & I’ve heard good things. I’ve been happy with some of their other products. One dry shampoo that I’ve used and really liked is just from the drugstore, called Batiste (shown in the picture), but I can only find it in small travel sizes!

  3. Jill

    I like the skirt and t-shirt look, and I think both the outfits you posted, Fringegirl, look great. I do like accessories and I love to dress up an outfit with earrings and shoes. Love shoes! This is a great post and it’s giving me some good ideas. Thanks!

  4. Deb

    Tricia, I feel your pain! I have the worst legs in the universe but in the summer it’s just too hot so I wear my skirts and tshirts with wild abandon! Laura is coming over today to do something to me, I know not what. 🙂 🙂

  5. Sara

    I love your skirts! You always have the cutest clothes!! And Laura, thanks for the tips! I recently entered the Mary Kay business and, not being much of a make-up person, and always looking for tips to help my customers!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Nice to know you’re in the MK business. I actually need more of their face wash stuff…I’ll be emailing you. You should check out Laura’s blog, she’s got lots of great make-up tips.

  6. Laura

    FringeGirl! I think you look great in your summer uniform! I still would hem an inch or two from the length of skirts if it were me. (Iron on hem tape, works like a charm!) But, fashion should be fun, first and foremost and summer is about having fun too!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I am SO very bad at hemming! I shouldn’t admit this, but i have been known to cut the bottom of my kids pants off and just leave the unfinished edge. That is how much I HATE hemming. Perhaps I should look into this tape thing. It’s more my style. Staples perhaps? Seems I remember doing that when I was a teenager.

      Laura, I promise to take your advice to heart and then find someone else to do my hemming for me. 😉

  7. Tori Nelson

    I second Jennifer. I think you look super sassy! Then again, I’ve been known to wear neon running shorts with a purple tee out and about. Just checked out Laura’s Etsy shop and I. LOVE.

  8. Jennifer Jo

    D.Fringe, I actually LOVE your skirts and t-shirt look. It’s what I want to wear all summer long, too, if only I could find some. (I never can—perhaps because they’re not in style?)

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Maybe that’s why I always find my skirts in thrift stores – they’re out of style! Try Target, they always have cute skirts and sometimes Kohl’s too. Do you have one of those shops near you? Otherwise, I get everything at thrift stores and yard sales. Good luck to you. If you lack unfashionable skirts after all that shopping, let me know your size and I’ll keep my eyes peeled. 😉


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