Fashionista in the Making – Not really, but I got a Maxi dress.

Did you know I have coveted other women’s maxi dresses all summer?

Yes, it’s true.  I admit my sin before God and all of you.  Maybe it’s the cool “maxi” name or the fact that maxi dresses make women look tall (translate lean) and somewhat exotic.  Ok, maybe they don’t actually make you look exotic, but I’m trying to justify my desire here.  Work with me, will ya?

The other day I walked into Target and finally splurged on a new summer maxi dress.  Now if you’ve never shopped with my daughter, you don’t know difficult life in a fitting room can be.  She is brutally (like make me want to die and be buried under the bench, but away from the mirror in the fitting room) honest.  She is also loud.  I know the cashier on the other side of the store is now wondering why my belly jiggles when I shimmy into a dress.

How do women survive their children’s youth and retain any dignity?

Back to the dress…

Here it is.

Please ignore my arms.  I know I need weights.

And then I went to K-Mart to pick something up for my husband and my favorite Retired Florida Mama shoes were on clearance, so I bought them in denim.

Is that weird?

So here’s the thing.  Nothing in my life can possibly be simple, this includes buying a maxi dress.  I had rules about my future maxi dress, I wanted it to have thick enough straps to hide undergarments and I wanted it to have some sort of waistband.  I hoped this would prevent the whole ginormous sack look that some of these dresses easily create.

Sacks look good on some women, but not me.

You know how that is.  I am sure.

So here’s my confession.  I’ll just come right out and say it.

This is a maternity dress in a size medium.

Ugh.  That admission made me feel worse than I thought.

Honestly, it doesn’t look or feel like a maternity dress, does it?

When I was pregnant, there was NO way in nine long months and fifty extra pounds that I was going to fit into this dress.  Apparently some women hide 9 1/2 pound babies better than I do.


If you’re pregnant and can wear this dress.  Please in the name of all things good and merciful, do not tell me.

Thank you.  And that’s it.

Do you maxi?

I’m linking to Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday.  Go follow the link to visit the real fashionistas.

And yes, I did gain fifty pounds during each of my pregnancies. Honestly, I quit counting at fifty and would not let the nurse tell me my actual weight.  Read my baby story if you like.  Food happens to the best of us.


35 thoughts on “Fashionista in the Making – Not really, but I got a Maxi dress.

  1. momfog

    I still wear some maternity clothes, too. It’s weird, but they do make me look thinnner. Hmmm. I am so short and I’m afraid a maxi dress would make me look even shorter. And the sleeve thing is an issue for me. You obviously don’t have that problem. You look great!

  2. Elle

    No way that looks like a maternity dress! You look adorable. In splurged this summer & bought one too. Actually found it in the junior department of Belks. A friend tipped me off for looking there. Have fun rocking the maxi!

  3. Mary

    Oh my that it’s a beautiful maxi dress! And I have about three maternity dresses that I wear regularly and my youngest baby is two. I bought all of them after getting my tubes tied 🙂

  4. ladyofthemanse

    The dress is gorgeous, and gorgeous on you! I would never have known it was a maternity dress.

    And yes, I guess I maxi too. I was tripping over my long skirt at Prayer Meeting last night. I guess that skirts really are going long again, and it isn’t just because I’m short!

  5. ImBeingHeldHostage

    I love it! You’ve got to be kidding that it’s a maternity dress… I love maxis, but I have to have sleeves and there’s not a lot of choice out there for maxis with sleeves 😦

  6. Savannah

    K, LOVE this dress, ADORABLE!!!! And stop it, your arms look great! Thanks for the comment today, I LOVE you blog 🙂 I am now following, would love for you to follow mine 🙂 Have a great day!

  7. Sara Sophia

    You look lovely—and yes, I maxi. Even though I’m far too short for it 😀

    Who cares if its a maternity dress? The fit is all that matters (and I still have a maternity blazer that I wear ALL THE TIME. Shhhhhh)


  8. comingeast

    You look great in that dress. I have to laugh about maxi dresses though. I know they are in, or I should say BACK in. They were quite the fashion when I was your age, and I can’t bring myself to wear one again. I’d feel like I was going backwards. My daughter just bought one, too, and she looks very cute in it.

  9. Charming's Mama

    Can you believe it?! I bought two several weeks ago and am loving them. You do look fabulous and you could have fooled me on the maternity thing. My hubby wasn’t so sure when I first showed them to him, but when I wore one to church last week he told me I looked really nice.

  10. Jill

    You look fantastic! I love that dress, and I think it’s maternity in name only. I’ve noticed the current trend in maternity is not to hide anything, but to show it in all it’s “glory”. Ugh! If that’s the case, then rip out the maternity label because it’s just a normal dress that no pregnant woman should ever attempt to wear. Love the shoes, too!

    P.S. I solved the child-honesty problem by teaching my children at a very early age that, whenever I ask how I look, they were to say, “gorgeous!”

  11. Laura

    I long ago embraced maternity clothes! I have a fabulous black wrap dress from WalMart that is a maternity dress and honestly, I’m not sure how a pregnant belly would fit under it. Oh well, it works for me.
    Feel no shame FringeGirl, you look fab in your maxi! I love the colours.
    Also, you are on crack, your arms look perfect. oh, and I really like that necklace too.

  12. Sara

    Oh my gosh! I would NEVER have guessed that was a maternity dress!! Go you!! And what weight are you always talking about? You look fabulous!! I did not know the technical term of those dresses. I love flowy dresses and skirts, but they don’t look the same on me as they do on mannequins. I tried some on in Florida, but wasn’t sure I could pull them off in rural MO. But, like you, I’m coveting. And, I’ve decided that some day I am coming to NY and going shopping with you. You have great taste!!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Sara, I would SO LOVE to go shopping with you! I totally think you could pull it off. People don’t wear these dresses too much in rural upstate NY, but I say who cares. I wear em’ anywho! 😉

  13. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    I’m a guy and would have no way of knowing that was a Maternity outfit…. I think it looks great on you. 🙂

  14. Leigh

    Love the dress! I think you’ve solved the problem I’ve faced…how to enjoy the “maxi” trend without looking preggers. Who knew the answer was to BUY maternity clothes?! Brilliant!

  15. Cassi

    That dress is great! And I have to agree with the other two who named these dresses maxi. Really the fashion gods couldn’t come up with a better name

  16. jennathome

    You look FAB, my dear!!! I had to laugh about Caprik’s comment! I have the same word association problem with the word ‘maxi’!
    I love that dress and yours makes me want one, too! Oh and if that’s how maternity clothes look now…YIKES! If I ever get pregnant again, I’ll be in a heap of trouble! 🙂

    Jenn (A Country Girl’s Ramblings)

  17. caprik

    I would NEVER have guessed!
    You look darling, and I like the shoes too.
    The only problem I have is I can’t disassociate the word “maxi” from lady products. The word pad immediately follows.


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