Charmed by The Bubble Man

Sorry I missed Fiction Friday.  I know you think it was on purpose, but it wasn’t.

Thursday was a bad day.  BAD day.

Friday was better.

I’ll choose not to elaborate.

Thursday night, I cooked pizza bites (because I’m healthy that way).   It was a real party around here.  My son’s friend spent the night and they attempted to stay up.   All night.

They didn’t quite make it, but they gave it their best.

While they were wrecking my living room having fun, my daughter and I headed upstairs to have a ‘girl’s night’.  We left FringeMan in charge of the boys.

FringeKid and I worked on our charm necklaces.

I found the original charm necklace photo on Pinterest.  Apparently Anthropologie sells a charm necklace for $250.  It looks very much like our knockoffs; however, Anthropologie has a way of enticing women to drop an entire week’s pay on a dress and shoes.  They are masters of over-priced.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking Anthro.  I like them.  In fact, I’d love to go on a shopping spree in one of their stores.  I just know that won’t happen in my life-time.  I’m a bit too cheap practical for that.

My advice:  Go to Hobby Lobby for your charms – Best Deal.

We’ve each worn them twice and already we’ve had lots of compliments.

They are just plain fun.

The bucket may be my favorite charm.

Hello.  My name is Tricia and I am in love with a pretty bucket.

I cannot help myself.

After we completed our bling, we shared one set of ear buds and watched Little Women on my computer (something is wrong with the sound on my computer, so you need headphones). Little Women is such a great movie.  My daughter loved it.

I was basically dead on my feet by Friday.  I suffered major sleep deprivation and I threw in the towel about 2 am.  That’s why I know I’m not twenty-two anymore.

Friday kept me busy and away from the house.

Bubble Man was in town.  How could I not go see Bubble Man?

This guy gave testimony to the power of reading.

When he was twelve he got a book on juggling.  By the time he was nineteen, he had joined the circus.

All because of that book.

If I am correct, he spent like 20 years in the circus, Ringling Brother’s & Barnum Bailey Circus.


The kids LOVED him!  He had them all laughing as one.

I even found myself sitting mesmerized with my mouth hanging to the floor.

Bubble Man, the juggling, bubbling, miming circus clown, performed the ultimate act of amazingness.

He put a boy in a bubble.

Now is that amazing or what?

Bubble Man has traveled all around the world with his act.  It’s amazing what someone can do with a little ingenuity and a good book.

My kids read a lot.

Now I’m a little afraid they’ll join a circus.

So tell me, how was your week?

Have you ever seen a Bubble Man?


9 thoughts on “Charmed by The Bubble Man

  1. momfog

    Now I’m madly thinking over the books I let my kids read to see if there is a circus in them. As talented as The Bubble Man is, I don’t think I want to have the “hey mom, I’m leaving college to join the circus, all because of that great book you read to me when I was 8” conversation.

    I hope you’re feeling better.

  2. debbie york

    You know I love anything that jingles and jangles…welcome to my world! Y’all did a super job and the bucket is might come in handy this winter.
    Tell the kids that when they run away to join the circus, to make a detour through Texas and pick me up.

  3. ladyofthemanse

    Sorry about the bad day, but isn’t it wonderful that each day is a new beginning of sorts. So good to put the bad previous day behind us!

    Lovely charm necklace. Wonder if Belle and I made them, if I would wear it. Interesting thought.

    And no, I’ve never seen the bubble man, but I’m fascinated by bubbles anyway.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      1. I don’t really want to relive my bad day.
      2. Smashed pennies sound marvelous. Perhaps I’ll take to smashing them after my next bad day.
      3. Bubbles are always awesome, but especially those. 🙂

  4. Deb

    Your necklaces turned out really cute! I like the bucket too. That bubble guy is really something and I hope your kids don’t end up in the circus either. 🙂


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