Everything from Hijacked Hair-Cuts to The Plague

We had a whirlwind weekend and my mom was sucked into our fun.  She even took an extra day off from work, so we could cram in as much craziness as possible.

Here’s our weekend in a few words…

Hijacked Hair-Cuts

Library Book Sales

Packing and Shipping Fringe Vanilla Orders

Bags of Hand-Me-Down Clothes

Orange Purses

Diet Coke with Lime


Canal Days

Too Much Candy

Walking Till Our Feet Swell


Coaster Cars

Yard Sales

Chicks Along The Canal

Painted Scarves and Ruffled Socks

New Recipes

Dirty Dishes

Winner & Losers

Trophies to Take Home

The Help

Church Services

Buttered Popcorn

 New Aprons

Computer Scrabble



Millipedes – The Plague

The End.

Now please tell me about your weekend.

P.S.  This is probably my last post for about a week.  I’ll be in Virginia, it’s for Lovers.  Be well my friends!


21 thoughts on “Everything from Hijacked Hair-Cuts to The Plague

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  2. Jenn

    Very cute!!! I have to send you a picture of the apron Kimberly made for me – it’s adorable! Love the haircuts!!! I really like the shorter in the back style – mine isn’t as drastic but I’ve had it that way since last year and it does make a difference.

    Have a great trip!!!


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