My Empty Brain Download, Part 2

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The Winner is…

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Congrats Katy.  You’re going to have to help me out and send me your full name and address please.  I promise not to sell it to any junk mail associates.

Hope you enjoy your Fringe Vanilla!


*  I went to CVS and bought super-duty Zantac.  It’s working already.  Heartburn be gone!  Thank you Lord.

**  Yesterday I cooked up a pot of spaghetti sauce which I did not eat due to the whole heart-burn issue, but my daughter got wowed by my apron (thank you mom).  I even wore a necklace (not pearls) and heals (wedges) while I cooked.  I was a regular Donna Reed.

Today I haven’t yet shed my sweat pants and t-shirt.

***  School is about to begin in New York.  Did you hear me struggle for breath?  I had a mild hearty-tack.

I am NOT ready for school!

Yes, I am homeschooling again this year.  That’s why I’m not ready, otherwise, I’d be dancing in the aisles of Staples and buying hundreds of glue sticks.  I still bought glue sticks, but it wasn’t quite as much fun.

I’m not sure how to say this without offending someone, but I’m not a homeschooler at heart.  I don’t love teaching my kids fractions, verbs, and spelling words.  I’m sorry.  It’s just not my thing.

My kids did do fabutastically in the academic area last year and that’s why we are going for one more year.  Probably only one more year.

My kids really miss the ‘too many kids in a classroom’ part of school and I don’t really blame them.  We’re all kinda social and hate being stuck at the kitchen table all winter diagraming sentences and exploding flour and water volcanoes.  Everything’s more fun with a crowd, at least that’s our thought process.

If we could homeschool together with 3 or 4 other homeschool families, we’d enjoy ourselves immensely, but then that would be school.

****  If you want, I’ll do a post on homeschool curriculum and tell you what I love and hate.  Let me know in the comments.  Some of you may benefit from another opinion.

******  Our plague saga continues.  I actually caught two millipedes being intimate on our bathroom wall.  I let them have their fun and then I killed them.  Yes, I felt bad, but they have a thousand babies at one time.  Heaven forbid another thousand millipedes overtake my house.  I would be forced to sell and move to Alaska.

If you think I’m joking, you haven’t lived with millipedes.

Yes, I photographed the love-pedes for your educational enjoyment.  It’s a regular zoo around here.  Next I’ll document a live slug birth.

My daughter is convinced she witnessed a live slug birth.  Internet answer people claim slugs do not gjve birth to their young like mammals, but we’re ready to challenge slug scientists on this one.

I think I’ll wrap this up, because after discussing millipede mating and slug births, what’s left to talk about?

Tell me, do you homeschool?

Have you tried or would never consider it??

Do you have bug problems where you live???


22 thoughts on “My Empty Brain Download, Part 2

  1. ladyofthemanse

    I homeschool, and unashamedly love it! But I have to admit it was rough for oh, about the first 4 years. Now the kids have settled in, we’ve found a curriculum that works–for the present anyway, and I’m learning things I never knew before. And we are having fun–lots of books to read, or for me to read to them, and only a smattering of workbook work–gotta do that math and grammar, you know.

    But just the same, we take it one year at a time.

  2. debbie york

    I had wondered if there was going to be a sequel to Homeschooling 101. I know for a fact, I’d never make it through the first six weeks. Let me rephrase that…my kids would have never survived. I’d left ’em in a basket on somebody’s front porch for sure!
    Well I’m glad the bugs had fun this summer. It was too darn hot down here in Texas for any activity that required that much sweating.
    I’m fighting the spiders…and the webs are winning. Reckon I could pass ’em off as early Halloween decorations?

  3. momfog

    I homeschooled my 11 yo for the first semester of 6th grade. One semester. That’s all either of us could take. It’s seriously not my thing and he hated the isolation. We even went to a local homeschool group but the ages were wrong and it was basically all girls. I think of those three months as a big mistake. He did fine with the work, but we do not “mesh” as teacher and student.

    Yes, we have bugs. Fire ants, sand gnats, biting yellow flies, mosquitoes, and palmetto bugs (the genteel Southerners’ term for “big honking cockroaches.) Summer down here is like the Seven Plagues of Egypt.

    1. momfog

      Oh, I forgot! On the subject of copulating insects, we have a “lovebug” infestation every spring. They are everywhere and the front bumpers and windshields of all the cars are plastered with them. The poor things. Oh well, at least they died happy!

    2. the domestic fringe Post author

      Yes, homeschool group is great for my son, because it’s all boys here, but my daughter misses out. Also, it’s hard to be both mom and teacher. I’m not sure how people find that perfect balance. Maybe it’s all in personality.

      Those 7 plagues sound just terrible. My son is severely allergic to fire ants, so they’re on my most hated list.

  4. Laura

    I hope this homeschooling year goes well for you all 🙂 Are there any other families close by that you could join with for the occasional project or field trip? You could take an educational road trip to Canada. I happen to live near the first incorporated city in Canada. Established by Loyalists. Mums house has 1802 hand written in the plaster….and mum and dad have a horse! Also, my hubby’s parents spent time ih Thailand as missionaries and they have tons of stories…even slides for a slid show! there’s all kinds of educational fodder up in here! I digress…
    I’m sorry about your bug plight. I’d be too grossed out to sleep. I’ve had ants in my bed before as a kid and it was very upsetting. I see the odd silverfish in the house now and it leaves me all heebie jeebie…they look like that think in the Matrix that goes into Neo’s belly button at the beginning…..*shudder*

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Laura, you just totally sold me on coming to Canada! Not that I needed much ‘selling’, mind you. I’d love to come visit you and your mum, even if she didn’t live in a super-duper old house. 😉 You never know…I just may have to get my passport. 🙂

  5. Crowing Crone Joss

    I homeschooled for four years back in the early 1980s. We did a lot of fun things and my children loved it and chose to return to regular school, one at a time. Looking back on it, it was the ONLY thing I did those four years. It was consuming. Do what makes sense to you, always!
    walk in beauty.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      It is REALLY time consuming. I’m already eating up time just preparing. It’s tough work. My son originally asked to be homeschooled because he thought it would be easier. Half way through the year he wanted to return to public school because I made him do too much work.

  6. Tara

    I don’t homeschool… I think my kids and I would go to war if I did. They seem to do better when mom is not the teacher. I did take a break from teaching this year and so I have an after-schooler who joins us for activities afterschool. I have been borrowing some ideas from homeschooling and some from gifted and talented curriculums. The adventure of taking afterschoolers starts next week.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Yes, I think many kids do better when mom’s not the teacher. There are so many great curriculums out there that’s it’s hard to choose just one for each subject. Have fun with your afterschoolers!

  7. Jessica

    I’m due with my first (Feb 2012)…and I haven’t even gotten past the giving birth part…but I’m a Type A and I like to plan. Will I homeschool? Never really considered it. I guess I’ll have to wait and see…hmmm

  8. Elle

    I homeschool and would love to read your thoughts on the love/hate of curriculum. And yes to the bug problem. We just conquered a rather large black ants migration into the house. Took out 5 limbs from the overly large fig tree by our back door which they were using as an interstate into the kitchen and then some heavy duty chemical but now once again we are bug free. Till the annual ladybug infestation which just makes me crazy.


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