A Weekend With Irene

I heard you had a date with Irene?  So many on the East Coast did.  The big question is, how did it go?

Our date went splendidly.  With only some wind and rain, we survived.  The back of my house didn’t even leak and every single time we get torrential rains, it floods the back of my house.  I am thankful.

Some of you weren’t so fortunate.  Your date didn’t go quite as well and I’m sure your basement is flooded, you lost power, and perhaps you have a downed tree or two.  Sorry.  If I’m close in proximity, I’ll come help you.

We saw a truck turned upside down on our way to church.  I think he got stuck in a combination of too much water on the road and a big gust of wind.  He got out unscathed.  His truck wasn’t so fortunate.

My family lived in Pensacola, Florida for hurricane Ivan.  It was terrible.  We lost many trees, our car, and had eleven thousand dollars worth of damage to our house.  But, we were the lucky ones.  Practically ever two houses or so were completely destroyed with trees falling through their center, cutting them in half.  It was a terrible storm, one that my husband worked through.  He’s got some stories to tell!

But I won’t talk about today, because right now it’s all about Irene.  FringeMan worked a lot this weekend, so the kids and I entertained ourselves.

We played Lego checkers, because Legos work themselves into every part of our lives.  Thank you very much FringeBoy.

I lost every game in record time.

FringeBoy claims he hasn’t lost a came of checkers in three years.

I think I believe him.

FringeKid decided she wanted to learn how to bake bread.

So we made pretzels.  Recipe HERE.

She did all the work really.

I was held captive by junk in my son’s room.  I went in armed with trash bags and determination.  We could have filmed an episode of hoarders, juvenile edition.

I removed six full trash bags.


I love my son.

Ignore the stain down the front of my daughter’s shirt.  It’s apple cider.  We’re clumsy around these parts.

The weekend culminated with a stormy game of Monopoly.  I didn’t win.

How was your date with Irene?  What did you this weekend??


7 thoughts on “A Weekend With Irene

  1. Amber

    We got pounded on the Chesapeake Bay. I live very close to the water. I was afraid I’d have sailboats in my front yard. God protected us so well. Sassy and I slept on an air mattress in our hallway because I have so many windows. It ’twas quite the adventure to have an earthquake and a large hurricane in the same week. All is well and glad it is with you too. 🙂

  2. ladyofthemanse

    We by rights should have been nowhere near Irene, but as we are vacationing on the East Coast, we were there. Fortunately our date was relatively smooth. Apart from a lot of wind and rain the damage was minimal for us and our friends.

    Oh and church–the reason for which we are here, was cancelled.

  3. Charming's Mama

    First dates can always be so tricky. Glad to hear things are well with you all.

    We had a terrible thunderstorm last night, kept me up, several times I was sure the house had been hit by lightening, because of how loud and how close the flashes of light and thunder seemed to be. At one point the crackling sound of the lightening was so close it sounded like the sky had been ripped into pieces and then the thunder immediately following made me think those pieces were boulders rolling down from heaven right into my back yard, so glad my kids slept through it, not sure how they did but am thankful for it.

    Pretty sure that can’t compare to a hurricane though, that is something I have thankfully never had to deal with, have felt an earthquake and had a tornado blow through town. Neither did me any harm though.

  4. Robin

    I’m glad Irene didn’t cause too much trouble for you. I’m happy to report the same about my friends and relatives who had to deal with her.

    Here in Ohio we experienced the fringes of Irene. Bands of clouds, wind, and one short bout of rain. She was much better behaved than Ike was a few years ago. He knocked out our power with his strong winds and it was a week before it was restored. I had worked hard all summer, filling the freezer with locally grown vegetables to get us through the winter. Ike took it all away with the long power outage.

  5. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl

    So glad you and yours came through Irene unscathed. I know all about Ivan, and Dennis less than a year later. Not something you can describe to anyone and convey the true circumstances. Take care.

  6. Sarah@Life in the Parsonage

    I’m so glad to hear Irene was kind to you!
    1 – The pretzels look amazing. I’m drooling right now…all over the computer.
    2 – I am the worst checkers player ev-ah. If I lived closer, I’d come over (for a pretzel or two) and we could play lego checkers and you could win.

    Happy Monday to you!

  7. LeAnn

    I cannot even imagine living through a hurricane. Earlier this summer, we spent a week in the Outer Banks and they were showing right where we were on Fox News the other night. All I could think about was the wild horses on the beach and that God would protect them. People are told to evacuate and know what to do but what about the horses. This has certainly been a year for storms. God is really shaking things up. People need to wake up.

    Luv ya girl!


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