I laughed, I cried, I bought a Bald Eagle

So how was your weekend?

My weekend seemed like a week.  I laughed.  I cried.  I offered to give my son up to be a dishwasher in the Cracker Barrel just outside of Albany.  At first the waiter laughed like I wasn’t serious.  He’s young…no children of his own yet.  He’ll understand by the time he finishes paying off his wife’s epidural.

My daughter ordered the fried shrimp and mashed potato plate off the children’s menu.  While she popped shrimp into her mouth, she proceeded to tell us how shrimp throw up blue vomit into fishes mouths.  They do this in defense of their very lives.  Then the toddler two tables over began choking and vomiting.  I lie not folks.  Children certainly have a way of making you not hungry.

That’s a real bald eagle my friends.

This one is a puppet.

On Saturday we drove up to Maine/New Hampshire.  It was like going home.  I’m not sure why, because I’ve spent most of my life in New York, but ever since this day, Maine just feels like home.  My kids feel the same way, but they were born there.  They have ice-crystals mingled with their blood.

We stopped in Kittery, Maine to do a little shopping.  It’s outlet central and I had been saving a 20% off coupon for The Children’s Place.  FringeKid needed clothes for fall/winter.  You can never begin buying winter clothes too early in the season.  After all, we are only one frost away from loosing all our money on heating oil.  I’m convinced that’s not the way life should be, but it’s a reality.

If you’ve never been shopping in Maine, you should definitely go to the Kittery Trading Post and L.L. Bean.  They both have very large dead animals lurking around every corner.

Dead things make shopping fun for the men.

It’s a bonus that they sell guns.  Lots of them.

So while I spend my husband’s money, he dreams of shooting big animals with the display guns.  That’s how I’ve learned to keep my marriage happy in the last fourteen years.

This target almost makes me want to take up shooting.

It’s a scary world our there.  It’ll get even scarier when all those chi-wa-wa zombies are on the loose.

So I’m having a difficulty segueing from little zombie yappy dogs to church, but let’s give it a go.

Our purpose for driving north was so that FringeMan could preach in a New Hampshire church on Sunday.  This East Rochester congregation was made up of the sweetest people.  Not only do they have a pretty fabulous church building (I snuck back in after service for a picture), but the women also get together once a week to exercise to Sweatin’ to the Oldies.  I mean, that’s my kind of fitness program.

Notice the ceiling.  It’s all tin.  And the lights are really cool in a retro way.  This picture definitely doesn’t do it justice.  What I like is that the building is one hundred and forty-five years old, but it’s painted in a modern way and doesn’t look one bit dreary inside.  I’m not a fan of dark, dreary churches.  They give me the heebee-jeebies.

Yes, I suffer from an overactive imagination.  There’s no known cure.  Yet.

Anyway, one of the women in church baked us a batch of M&M cookies for our trip home.  Bless her heart!  And my tummy.  They were the bestest cookies and hit the spot around four o’clock yesterday afternoon.

** I don’t normally talk about and photograph the churches my husband preaches in, because some people may not like that, but I guess I’m breaking my own rule today.  It was the tin ceiling.  I fell in love.

I can’t not show a picture of my daughter’s new sneakers.  She really did not need sneakers, but how could I say no to these babies?  Especially since after my coupon, they were only $20 bucks.

And that was my weekend.

I’d love to know about yours!  Hope you’ll take a moment to leave a comment.

Before I finally let you go back to your life, here’s what I got today in coupons.

Cost = .41 cents (I had to pay the tax.)

Not much, but it was a good deal.  My daughter has been going through tissues like her nose depends on it.  unfortunately I forgot to buy a paper Sunday, so I have no new coupons.  Yes, I’m still kicking myself for that mistake.

You get any good deals lately?


10 thoughts on “I laughed, I cried, I bought a Bald Eagle

  1. momfog

    I’ve always wanted to go to Maine. I will, someday.

    Those shoes are too cute!

    I haven’t figured out the coupon thing. I clip them and I either let them expire or use them for something when it’s not on sale. I always say I’m going to take the time and plan my shopping trips, but seriously. I have no time to spare!

  2. Charming's Mama

    Those sneakers are fabulous, sorta makes me wish I had a little girl, there are so many cute girl things, but not so many boy things. Anyhoo . . . One of my favorite quilt shops had all their fat quarters on sale for $1.25 (regularly $2.75) so I picked up a few.

  3. Laura

    K, love those sneakers! I would wear them in a heartbeat.
    Also, that church has a lovely vibe, I’m glad you took a picture. There’s a few buildings in the city where I live that have old tin ceilings, I think they are fabulous.
    Good deal on those tissues. I live for Kleenex with lotion, it’s the only thing that keeps my face from chapping like mad. I go through about 4 -5 boxes a month. It’s ridiculous how often I blow my nose.
    Glad you’re back home safe and sound!

  4. Deb

    Well you scored with your coupons big time! I love LLBean whether they have dead animals or not. 😉 Those sneakers are hilarious and so is this post!!!:)

  5. nina

    The Eagle puppet is too cute…especially with a worm hanging out of it’s mouth..(and fringeboy’s mouth too in the background)

    The REAL eagle was just awesome! VERY cool!

    The science lesson on shrimp and toddles puking was just a little gross though…..only in your life, Fringegirl…..only yours…..

  6. accidentalsouthernmama

    Okay, seriously…where. did. you. find. those. shoes! Baby would die and go to fashionista heaven over those sneakers!

    BTW, AWESOME on the sales front! My best deal (so far this week), WalMart paid me $2 to take two 5.4 oz. Crest Complete toothpastes from their store! And, last week I got 2 Herbal Essence shampoo, 2 HUGE Suave prof. shampoos, 2 Suave prof curly hair whip cream and 2 UBER Huge Aussie hairsprays for $10 (would have been $8, but I forgot to split my purchases).

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      The sneakers came from The Children’s Place Outlet. They probably have them in the regular store…I’m not sure. They are cute though. Worth tracking a pair down. 😉

      Sounds like I need to shop with you. I’m sure you could teach me a thing or two about couponing. I’m still working on getting the best deals. Congrats on your bounty!


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