Not So Yellow Submarines & a Mouse Habitat

My daughter caught a mouse today at homeschool group.  She made it a “habitat” and fed it crackers.  I’m totally creeped-out by her love of vermin.  I’d rather see them dead than alive and she’s hand-feeding them crackers.  At least this particular mouse was not in my house.  Mice in central New York must be extremely prolific.  Not a good thing.  Dang Varmits!

No I did not bring the mouse or “habitat” home.

Yes, she did ask, beg, and give me a poochy lip.

We’re expecting our first frost on Friday night.  In some spectacularly ridiculous way I kinda feel very fortunate that we’ve made it to mid-September without a frost.  That makes me think I should have a brain transplant.  Frosts should not be in September.  December – Yes.  September – No.

I sure hope the cool weather doesn’t send the mice scurrying for a warm place to nestle between my loaf of whole wheat bread and the bowl of apples on my counter.

Side note:  Apples are not safe from mice.  Although they have a thing for Ramen, they wash down hard crunchy noodles with sweet apples.  That’s truth.

Anyway, these cool mornings and evenings are making me consider my fall clothes.  I changed four times the other day.  All in the course of fifteen minutes.  I really don’t know what to wear.  My mother brought me a whole trash bag of hand-me-downs that she inherited from a coworker’s cousin.  Now I have all these bits and pieces and I have no idea what to wear.  Those little fashion inspiration boards on Pinterest make dressing look so easy.  It’s not.Anyone want to come over, pick through my closet, and make me a few outfits?

pinterest via

You think I’m kidding, but I’m not.  This girl needs help and a pair of jeans that really fit.

pinterest via

I hate jeans, but feel I cannot possibly live without them.  All I want is one pair of jeans that fit all over.  I need wide legs, full hips, no gap in the waste, short rise (so the crotch doesn’t hang half-way to my knees), and no puffiness in the stomach area.

Do you think that’s too much ask from a jean?

For me, trying on jeans is worse than trying on swimsuits.  I’m dead serious.  If any of you know of a brand that fits the above criteria, please do share.  Add links and draw maps if necessary.  A good pair of jeans is the one thing I must buy before the cold weather really sets in.

pinterest via Michelle Allen (I feel really bad becuase I don't know who this woman is! Obviously she's a blogger and someone pinned her picture, but they didn't share her site. So sorry!)

Now that I’ve whined about my fashion dilemmas, let’s talk about food.  I made this chicken tonight and it was wonderfully, fabulously, delicious.  Even my son enjoyed it.  That’s saying something, because I think the only meal he really likes that doesn’t come out of a box that reads Mac & Cheese is  my Chili.  It’ll be nice for me to be able to make two meals that he doesn’t scrunch up his nose at.

This weekend on way back from New Hampshire, we took the kids to the USS Albacore, a WWII submarine.  It’s kinda cool, so I’m adding the slideshow below.  If you feel like taking a field trip with us, these pictures will give you a full tour without the claustrophobia.  It is itty-bitty, some kinda tiny inside that submarine.  The men on that ship must have had very disciplined minds or else they would have gone crazy.  One crew was on this ship for over a year.  I would have gone stark-raving mad.  No doubt about it!

** The silly fashion inspiration photos got stuck in the slideshow and I cannot remove them. Sorry about that.  I did want the slideshow to be all submarine.  Oh, well.  Pretend they are pin-up girls hanging on the walls of the sub. 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So have you tried any good recipes lately?

Have any fall fashion advice for me??

Visit any cool ‘field trip’ type places this summer???

Hope your Thursday is a happy one.


14 thoughts on “Not So Yellow Submarines & a Mouse Habitat

  1. Jenn

    Okay – you know me, I LOVE jeans. If I could, I would wear them everyday with boots. Love Love Love them!!!! I found an awesome jean!!! Fits well, slightly low-rise, fits around belly pooch comfortably, love love love!!!!! Fits well on the backside, frontside, thighside. I like the length as well, because I like jeans to sit on the top of my feet so when I sit down, you don’t see half-way up my calves. 31 1/2″ inseam. They are just so comfortable and they help stop muffin-top as well.

    You have to be the judge on them…… I LOVE THEM though!! Love love love!!!

  2. Charming's Mama

    I have always had trouble finding pants that fit. How is it that I can’t keep them up on my backside and still have a muffin top? Argh. And why is it that men can buy them any waist size and inseam size they want and we women get S, M, or LG and Petite, Regular or sometimes Long? I hate “fashion”! Probably because I’m so lame at it.

    Anyhoo . . .

  3. caprik

    I know what you mean about the jeans, finding a good pair that fit is the bane of my existance!
    We can’t be the only ones with hips wider than our waists! And what up with the puffy belly? There are all these tighter shirts that come down over the stomach and they make you look like you are wearing a fanny pack underneath!
    If they can put a man on the moon, they ought to be able to make a flattering pair of jeans. Good GRIEF!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Yes! Maybe they should make specialty jeans – like put a puffy stomach one some for those who carry a little extra in their tummy, puffy bottoms for others, etc. Heck, why not just get them tailor made! If only…

  4. Posky

    I adore stripes! You look great. …oh it isn’t you?

    My advice for fall fashion is functional. I always find myself picking outfits purely on how functional, comfortable and flexible they are for this time of year. I tend to ride my motorcycle into early winter so, tend to dress more warmly in October than I even would in February.

    Opt for something comfortable and warm if you plan on attempting to remain outdoors into the evening. I love a woman in a soft sweater, jacket and gloves!

  5. Laura

    A friend of mine once stopped on our way home from a restaurant to leave part of her left overs for 2 mice she happened to see scuttling along the sidewalk. True story. I won’t introduce her to your daughter 🙂

    If I’m ever down your way I’d love to root through your closet and help you out. I’d like someone to do that for me too. I find it’s too easy to get stuck and always just wear the same things the same way.

    Also, very cool submarine tour!

  6. comingeast

    I’m with Tori on yoga pants! Wouldn’t we all like a pair of jeans that fits. I have found that J.Jill’s boot cut jeans work really well for me. The ones I have are about six years old, though, so I don’t know if the new ones will be the same. Plus, they are expensive! Jeans used to be the cheapest pants you could buy; now they are the most expensive. They’re jeans, for goodness sake!

    By the way, I love your chatty style on your blog. Makes me feel like we’re just sitting down and talking to each other.

  7. Tori Nelson

    I’m with you on the jeans dilemma. I’m way too tall to find full-length pants (unless I buy them a few sizes to big and then I have the saggy booty issue to deal with). Yoga pants it is!

  8. Deb

    My fav store went belly up this summer. (pun) Their pants and jeans fit great all over. I don’t know what to do now. I wear the ones I have sparingly, hoping they’ll last forever. Woe is us.
    That submarine is making me claustrophobic and don’t even get me started on mice. 🙂

  9. marytoo

    Here, in the same September, we still have the occasional 100+ degree days, so I think you are oh-so-lucky to be expecting a frost already. If it wasn’t a sin I would envy you.

    I see other people with whole wardrobes of jeans, but for me they are difficult. When I find a pair that actually fits, a rare occurrence indeed, I wear them until they fall apart. I rarely have more than one pair of jeans at a time, never more than two. They are too hard to come by.

    I don’t know about that submarine. I’m not sure I could stand it down there long enough to take the tour!

    And the mouse… EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!!!

  10. ladyofthemanse

    I wear jeans all the time, but alas, I cannot help you. I go for anything but stylish–jeans like I used to wear, and I buy them at outlet malls.

    Our recent field trip? Does Fenway Park count?

    ….and I can’t imagine catching a mouse to feed!

  11. brightbunch5plus1

    Hahaha, when my children started a habitat for a tree frog my husband found…. I thought it was a little strange. I’m thinking there is no way I’d go for a mouse. I’d be creeped out as well…however, I can totally see my daughter doing the same thing. As for jeans….. trying to find the *perfect* pair is the story of my life. Every time I think I’ve found them, I get them home only to realize that the department store mirror lied. I swear their mirrors have butt and thigh reducers built into them…. You’re very funny by the way, I’m loving your blog.

  12. Leah

    I hear ya on the jeans. It’s almost as bad as trying on bras. That’s probably why I own one pair and I wear them until they walk to the washer themselves.


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