It Happened 14 Years Ago


Happy Anniversary

to us

Fourteen years ago today, this trapping-hunting crazy man caught his prey.  He threw me over his shoulder and yelped, “Yee-Haw!  I got me a woman.”

Today I woke up to sunflowers on my kitchen island and this message on my facebook wall.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY – 14 years already! I truly love YOU more than life itself. Looking forward to many more years together!

I hear the collective “Awwwww”.

Tonight we get to go out by ourselves.  Friends are watching our kids.  (Thank YOU friends!)  I’m not even sure where we are going yet, but I promise you I’ll enjoy it.

If you’ve never read our love story, I wrote it here.

I pray I get to enjoy many more anniversaries with FringeMan.

P.S.  My daughter just looked at the picture and said, “Aww, somebody just got married.”

Um, ya, that’s me and your father.



14 thoughts on “It Happened 14 Years Ago

  1. Joyce

    Happy Anniversary! I love your daughter’s comment. A friend of mine hung her wedding photo in the hallway of her house and when her daughter walked by she asked, “Who’s that lady in the picture with Daddy?” We still crack up about that one!

    Enjoy many more!

  2. Laura

    CONGRATULATIONS! 14 years is an accomplishment! I think you’ll have to be my go-to for marriage advice!
    ps, Hubby and I have a pick like that, with him carrying me. Then at one point I totally slumped over and played dead and the photographer caught it. It looks like I’m being kidnapped.

  3. momfog

    Happy Anniversary! Kids never realize their parents were young until they are old, too. By then they have their own kids who don’t realize their parents were young at one time.

    Did that make sense?


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