To Paint Ugly or To Paint Pretty, That is The Question

I’m about to repaint the floors in my living room, because they are beyond gross.  My brain must have been temporarily hijacked by chic little minions of colorless latex when I made the decision to paint my floors white.

I had a dog, two kids, and a husband who wears muddy boots.  At least I’m hoping it’s mud, however, he does do a lot of electrical work on farms.  I just choose to think of it all as mud.  There is no dirt fighter-offer that can possibly lift the stains out of each porous crevis in my floarboards.  It’s not gonna happen.  Besides my floors are now a whole lot less chic and whole lot more shabby.

I no longer have the dog, but I still have the kids for at least another ten years, and FringeMan plan on sticking around longer than the kids, so…

I am going to repaint.

Why do I paint my floors you ask?

Well, when you live in a money pit, you got-sta do what you got-sta do.

I just need help choosing a color.

Should I go with a rich brown, the color of mud?  Will it show every single little scratch and fluff of dust?  I may be happier seeing dust than dirt.  It’s a consideration.

The standard gray?  Unfortunately if I use gray, I might develop a disorder that causes me to simultaneously sing The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow while grabbing a gun and saluting FringeMan.

A country redwood?  If I paint the floor red will I suddenly have urges to eat baked beans and drive fire trucks?  I’m concerned.

There’s always beige.  This makes me think of old ladies.  You know how they like their taupe purses and shoes?  If I have taupe floors will I need to scatter fart cushions around the room and yell Bingo at regular intervals?

What other floor colors are left?

I went to the paint store this morning and picked up a nice sample book filled with vibrant colors.  I don’t like any of them.  There’s no telling what color FringeMan would pick, because he’s on a diet and I think the juicing has gone to his head.  I just don’t want my floor to end up looking like a juiced moldy cucumber.  No woman wants that.  You know?

Please.  Help me save my floors and my sanity!

Feel free to shout out colors in the comments.


15 thoughts on “To Paint Ugly or To Paint Pretty, That is The Question

  1. Mariza

    I would go with a brown. I really like the “woodsy” from Sherwin Williams. You can get a sample and test it. I wouldn’t just pick a color and paint the whole thing. I would do a test in one section and look at it for like a week. Please post pictures!

  2. David

    If you don’t want them to show dirt, I would probably go with brownish. My kitchen has brownish ceramic tile, but it’s kind of a mottled mix of browns and grays. It doesn’t show dirt, even when you can feel it under your bare feet.

  3. Merryheart

    How about a nice medium blue? Blue goes with everything but it’s not commonplace on floors, nor is it nondescript. Think blue jeans.

  4. Robin

    Well… last time I painted floors (in my current home), I went with a variety of colors, marking off different areas. I loved it at the time. I’m ready to repaint. 🙂

  5. Charming's Mama

    Um . . . yes. Whether it’s ugly or pretty is really subjective on the part of the viewer and judging from what you have already told us, any paint color would be an improvement. I kinda like the idea of the rich brown or the redwood, although a dark cherry might be nice.

  6. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl

    You need squares on the diagonal or diamonds, girlfriend!! It’ll give the room some pizzazz yet will help cover the shabby. As for colors, what’s going to work best with all the other stuff in there? Without knowing that, I can’t help you. Do a google search on painted floor ideas and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’d truly love to have wood floors so I could do that.

    Good luck, and we want pictures!!!

  7. Deb

    My kitchen floor is painted a barn red so I’m no help at all. I wonder if brown will just look like paint trying to look like stain? What about aqua? 🙂

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Deb, do you like your barn red floor? Does it blend well with your things? I did think that about the brown color too. I see some people use brown and it looks great, but other times it looks terrible. I think it’s easy to get a bad brown. FringeMan would never go for aqua. I would heart it though. 😉

      1. Deb

        I do like our floor very much but it is the kitchen so I don’t know about doing it in a living room. I always put three coats of sealer on the paint afterward but I still have to touch it up every year. (Sometimes I don’t!) I think a nice, bright colour would be very cool though. 🙂

  8. Cathy

    What about staining them a natural wood color instead of paint? However with the colors you listed above and without actually seeing samples, I’d probably choose the country redwood.


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