I’ve got nothing but coupons.

Today is one of those rare days when I have absolutely nothing to say.  There are things I’d like to talk about, but it would be premature.  I’ll have lots to say in week or two or ten, but not today.

All I’ve got is this…

Eight cans of Progresso soup for .01 cent.

I think I drove the cashier in CVS crazy yesterday, but I wasn’t trying to be a pain.  I promise.  I knew I would take longer than the normal person, so I let two other people go in front of me.  I wasn’t in a rush.  Next time I shop, I’ll go at night when there’s a different cashier.  The $5 extra buck that did not print pushed her over the edge.  It was $5 though, so I had to ask for it.  I was very nice, apologetic even and it wasn’t my fault.

I love you CVS cashiers.  Really, I do!

My son is so funny about the couponing thing.  He’s quite proud of the deals I’m getting.  He says that one day, he’s going to tell his wife about coupons.  I told him that maybe he should do the shopping for his future wife.

It doesn’t hurt to try and brainwash them young.  His future wife will thank me.

You find any good deals lately?

BTW, I forgot to link yesterday’s Hello Monday post to Lisa Leonard’s blog.  Sorry Lisa.  If you missed it, I included two recipes that are worth trying.


6 thoughts on “I’ve got nothing but coupons.

  1. Rachel

    That’s a great deal! And how cute your son is proud of you for couponing! But good for you to show him it doesn’t have to be just the wife shopping!

  2. accidentalsouthernmama

    That’s FABULOUS!
    Hmmmm…I haven’t gotten anything that good this week, but last week I got 4 tubes of Crest Complete toothpaste and Wally’s paid me $4 (well, they would have, but I put it back into the rest of what I was buying)…

    My best this week was Chunky Soup for $1 each…

    Coupon ON!

  3. Cathy

    We coupon some, but my brother and his wife are big couponers (is that even a word?). They are teaching their 2 boys too. The 2 boys were out one day (they are teenagers) and were hungry but only had a couple dollars so they went to the grocery and had some coupons & were able to buy bread & lunchmeat & something else (I can’t remember) and got filled up just fine. Moral of the story…boys can learn to coupon! lol


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