Sunshine Makes me Happy!

Sunshine make me happy!

We are having the most perfectly beautiful weather ever.  There’s no rain in sight until Tuesday of next week.  That’s a miracle folks.  I know many of you live in thirsty lands, but our thirst is more than quenched.  I am happy to see the sun.  So happy in fact, I took a break from the mad painting expedition I am on and sat in the sun for about two hours yesterday.  Every single ray felt like pure delight.

I’ve got sunshine on my shoulders and I am smiling.

How about you?

31 Days of Happy - Every Day in October

Be sure to visit Sarah @ Life in the Parsonage for more happy.  Yesterday she talked about Happy Food.  You should see what she’s been cooking up!


3 thoughts on “Sunshine Makes me Happy!

  1. momfog

    Quite frankly, I’m sick of the sun. Well, maybe not the sun. The heat. It’s finally dropped to the 80s here in Savannah, but I’m desperate for some 50s or 60s. I miss the Fall!

    Love the sunflower pic. That’s my favorite flower.


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