Happy Hearts, Day #7 – 31 Days of Happy

The vegetables are right (click on link to watch Veggie Tales)!  A thankful heart is a happy heart.

Sarah @ Life in the Parsonage said that she can be thankful for something that she’s not happy about.  I agree.  Some things in our lives are just hard.  We sometimes wish we never had to go through them.  While we may be thankful for the lessons we learn from these difficulties, we aren’t exactly happy about them; however, cultivating an attitude of thankfulness will bring forth a harvest of happy.

I definitely shouldn’t use farming analogies, because I don’t know the difference between grass and hay, but I hope you get my point.

When we focus on thanking God for the little and big things, something happens to us.  We begin changing from the inside out.

This is what I’m thankful for today…

Healthy Children

Blue Skies

Cardigan Sweaters and Argyle Socks

Almost Finished Painting Projects

A Husband Who Works Very Hard

A Faithful God

Answered Prayer

Kid Logic

A God Who Likes Doing The Impossible

What about you?
What are you thankful for?

Here’s a sneak peek of my floors.  What do you think?  I used Rich Brown Floor Paint by Benjamin Moore.

And ya, my curtains are different lengths.  Shhh…don’t tell anybody.  I try to hide them behind furniture.


11 thoughts on “Happy Hearts, Day #7 – 31 Days of Happy

  1. caprik

    I like the floor a lot, and I never would have noticed the curtains!
    I am thankful for good weather to finish our yard work, Puffs Plus tissues, and McDonalds $1 sundaes!

  2. Charming's Mama

    Who’d uh thunk it, the veggies are right! And the floors look fabulous, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed the curtains unless you hadn’t pointed them out to me . . . probably.

  3. Judy Brodie

    I’m thankful for my salvation through the shed blood of my LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ!!
    I’m thankful for a Godly, loving husband.
    I’m thankful for my precious family.
    I’m thankful for you and how you make me laugh through your transparency, you’re the real deal 🙂


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