Happy Kids – Day 8+9, 31 Days of Happy

31 Days of Happy and I already skipped a day.  Let’s just say I was so happy yesterday that I forgot to post.  Sorry.  Hope you had a happy Saturday.  I spent the day with my family.  It was the first Saturday my husband had off in forever, so we enjoyed our time together.

That brings me to today’s happy.  Today I’m happy with my family, specifically my children.  I need to tell you that I love my children with my entirety and I would do anything in the world for them, but at times, they drive me out of my ever-loving good mind.

Raising Children, via Pinterest

Today I felt pecked nearly to death.  It’s true.  All I wanted was a half an hour to myself.  I planned on playing Angry Birds for the entire thirty minutes.

All by myself.

It didn’t happen.

Parenting, Via Pinterest

I still love my kids.

They still make me happy.

Yesterday morning they woke up extra early to make coffee and buttered toast for my husband and I.  It was a lovely crummy mess with extra sweet coffee.

motherhood, via Pinterest

The other day I took a few minutes to interview my kids.  I get no credit for this idea, because I stole it from Flower Patch FarmGirl.  She gets all the credit.



What is your favorite thing to do?

Well, playing, but I can’t give you just one thing specifically because I like playing a lot.

If you could live anyplace in the world, where would you live?

Probably Maine, because it’s nice there and I was born there and it feels like home to me.

What’s one thing I do that drives you crazy?

*smirk*  *raise eyebrow*

When I’m sitting at the kitchen counter (island) and you put your feet on my chair.

Do you have a favorite thing about our family?

*chuckles to himself*

You’re not mean and don’t yell at us for the simplest things like I know some people do.

{What?  I’m not!  I’m really slacking around here!!}

Why are you looking forward to being a teenager?

I’m not really excited about being a teenager, but if there’s anything I look forward to, it would be driving a car.  I don’t want to rush things.  I want to enjoy life while I have it.  Plus, it’s really fun being a kid.

What do you think of my cooking?

Most of it is delicious. 

What’s the rest of it?

Some of the other things you cook are just not my favorite, like vegetables and some random weird meat things you cook.  Most of the time I enjoy your meals.  And your cupcakes!  And your cake.

What’s your most hated meal?

There’s a few I dislike, but I don’t really have a most hated, except maybe lasagna with spinach or lasagna at all.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Paris or Maine.

Hmmm…I see the similarities.  You could always live in Paris, Maine.  That’s right near Poland and Peru.

Do you have a favorite thing about our family?

Um, I think everything is favorite, except for JC (FringeBoy) being annoying.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Either a veterinarian or a doctor.  Well, I kinda want to do both.  I love animals and I also think it would be very interesting to be a doctor for people.

{In some small towns, you can do both with one degree.}

What do you think of my cooking?

I like it!  Except for the vegetables, except all kids don’t like vegetables.  …Is that what JC said?

What is your favorite food that I make?

Favorite?  That’s a hard one!  I really do like your cakes and banana muffins.  There’s only one part of the meal I don’t like.  Do you know what that is?  broccoli!  No kid likes broccoli.


And those are my kids for you!  I love em’ to death.  They make me happy, and crazy at times, but mostly happy. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Happy Kids – Day 8+9, 31 Days of Happy

  1. robinaltman

    Your kids are just adorable. They’re so happy! I wonder if my kids were totally satisfied with our family at their age? Somehow, I doubt it. Although my younger son told me that his friends used to think we were insane, controlling nutcases, but they all had a conversation about it, and they decided we were just really good parents. I had to hide my glee, so there was a chance he would say that again one day.

  2. laura

    I gave mum a magnet when my sis and I were in university and it’s a picture of 1950s looking mother in her kitchen with the phrase “I child-proofed my whole house but they still get in”.
    Your kids are hysterical. Tell your daughter I’d rather trust my health care to an experienced veterinarian then most doctors any day!


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