Happy Anticipation – Day 10, 31 Days of Happy

Anticipation, or being enthusiastic, is an emotion involving pleasure, excitement and sometimes anxiety in considering some expected or longed-for good event.  (as defined by Wikipedia)

FringeKid is fraught with anticipation.  She cannot wait for Christmas.  It’s almost three full months out and all she can talk about is what she wants for Christmas.  I went to bed the other night only to find a letter to Santa resting on my nightstand table.  A note on the front asked me to burn it in order to ensure safe delivery to the North Pole.

Have you heard of burning letters to Santa?  She’s convinced it’s the only way.  No United States Postal Service for her!

She’s already amended her list three times since the letter was written.

The battery operated dog made the cut each time.

Anticipation keeps us up at night, makes the butterflies flutter in our tummies, and gives us almost as much pleasure as the object of our anticipation.  Sometimes dreaming about Christmas morning is better than Christmas morning itself.

Have you ever had those times?

Recently I’ve anticipated finishing my living room.  My husband and I have had many projects on our two-year old ‘to-do’ list; however, money usually prohibited us from finishing the project.  Recently we’ve been blessed with some big electrical jobs coming through and FringeMan has been working night and day on them.  In between, he’s working on our house, specifically our living room.

The anticipation of finishing our space and making it a useful place to entertain, hold Bible studies, and to just relax in as a family has consumed me.  It’s the anticipation that kept me painting and dreaming.

The anticipation is half the fun.

So while my daughter dreams of Hello Kitty perfume and chicken hats, I find myself dreaming of area rugs and stuffed cushions.  The anticipation will keep us happy for a little while longer.

Here are my bookshelves FringeMan built.  I LOVE them!  It’s such a useful space and I’ve been dreaming of them since we bought the house.  Soon all those wires will disappear.  FringeMan is a fan of extra wires and switches everywhere.  It’s not good enough to have one switch for a room.  He wires up houses so that when you walk in the front/back door, you can turn any light on in the house, and maybe the television too.  Seriously, he’s almost that bad.  I get so confused with all the switches, I don’t even use the lights!

(we even got that nice new fan in the room)

Excuse me while I go finish my dreaming, and maybe even make a Christmas list. 😉

Are you happily anticipating anything?


6 thoughts on “Happy Anticipation – Day 10, 31 Days of Happy

  1. robinaltman

    I think FringeMan wired our house. I have no clue what all the switches do. Sometimes I see that the outside lights are on, and I have no idea how to turn them off.


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