Happy to Have Choices, Day 11 – 31 Days of Happy

My kids are going back to school.


It’s the Hallelujah Chorus

playing in surround sound!

Homeschooling is a fantastic option.  I’m glad I had the oppotunity to teach them at home, but I’m even more happy to send them back to school.  They are SO excited.  While in the school office, FringeKid bounced up and down in her chair the entire time I filled out four-hundred, eighty-two pages of information.  Actually it’s only one page of information repeated four hundred, eighty-one times.  They will begin as soon a the principal assigns them a teacher.

It’s not homeschooling, it’s just us.  We like to be with people and not being with people every single day, six hours a day, is a little like being in solitary confinement with your family.  Imagine that for a second.

Now you understand.

My kids love the work (for the most part) that they do at home.  They both want to continue doing science and history at home; however, their one great desire is to go back into the classroom.

I thought about finishing this year out at home, but I couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to send them back now.  We don’t love homeschooling.  Sometimes I wish we could.

Pinterest, via 9gag.com

Today I am happy my children have become prolific readers.  They love a good book and that alone warms my heart.  I am happy I had the opportunity to keep them home with me for a year and learn all sorts of exciting and ancient things with them.  I am happy learning is mostly easy for them.  I am happy we have a school in our town filled with germy little kids and dedicated teachers.  I am happy my kids are happy.


9 thoughts on “Happy to Have Choices, Day 11 – 31 Days of Happy

  1. Nina Andrzejewski

    Well, good for you…and good for them….I’m happy if you guys are happy. I hope they get great teachers!

  2. momfog

    We did the homeschooling for my middle schooler for half a year. By then, we were both ready for him to go back to “real” school. I admire homeschool families. It’s hard work and definitely not for everyone.

  3. Laura

    Rock on! I’m sure that was a hard decision but I’m glad you can do what works with your family. I don’t know how parents survive homeschooling personally.
    ps, love that little pinterest quote you posted, so true!


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