Home Care Tips – My Best

It seems almost impossible that items in our homes can get nicked up so easily, but they do.  Like my mother always said, “Since no one seems to have done anything around here, it must have been the mice!”

Yes mom, mice get very busy at night.  They are responsible for everything from leaving dirty socks on the living room floor to breaking my favorite glass bowl.  They also nick up the furniture.

My solution  – Markers.  Almost any kind will do, but I recommend Sharpie and Crayola, not the washable kind.

I use them  to touch up my black picture frames, color over chips in wood tables, and most recently, darken the edges of some uneven floor tiles.  It’s amazing what a marker can do.  Crayola should quit marketing to children and begin a sales campaign for housewives.

No Crayola didn’t pay me to say any of this, but they can if they so desire.

Crayola, I’ll take a job.  Any job!

Anyway, you never can tell where I touched things up.  Even I forget where the disastrous mark once marred my beloved item.  Markers have basically saved my children’s lives from the wrath of a most not-happy mom.  It’s true.  Try it.

Home Care Tips – It’s my blog has been reduced to during a month where I have parent/teacher conferences, NaNoWriMo, and just a little less than five million kids coming to my house tomorrow.  Oh, and let’s not forget Thanksgiving!

My novel is only at 21,000 words and all I can think about is coloring my furniture.  Heaven help me!  Do you think Crayola will write my novel for me?


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