No Waxing, Dying, Cutting,Plucking, or Tweezing

The other day Laura wrote an unusual and somewhat disturbing post about what she wants if she ever falls into a coma.  At first I read comma and thought “Now how is she gonna fall into a comma?”

Then I graduated from the first grade and started thinking about being in a deep sleep for ninety days.  Would my friends fugettabout me?  Would my family miss me?  Would I lose weight???

Sleeping for ninety days almost started sounding appealing.

Then harsh reality struck.

What would I look like if I stopped shaving, waxing, plucking, dying, and tweezing my hair for ninety days?

Let’s just hope a coma doesn’t strike, or worse, a comma!


10 thoughts on “No Waxing, Dying, Cutting,Plucking, or Tweezing

  1. Lindsay

    Ha!!! Sounds like you might need to see what kind of beautician your insurance will cover…

    Go go gadget New Irrational Fear!

  2. Jessica

    I never thought about that before… Can one leave instructions on what to do if this happens?… I’m not sure that I can go about my day without endlessly worrying about this.


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