Fa, La, La – Ruff, Ruff, Ruff

I’m shocked it’s already Thursday afternoon.  I spent most of the week wandering in a migraine confused stupor.  It was the perfect time to volunteer for the Santa Sale in school.  Despite popping  Advil between the third graders and preschoolers, working the Santa Sale was fun.  You’d have to be second cousins to the Grinch not to enjoy helping six year-olds buy gifts for their mom, dad, grandma’s, and baby sister.

Spoiler Alert:  Everyone is getting slime.

It was a best seller.

I prepped my daughter the night before her class was scheduled to shop.  I had my eye on this sparkly pink key-chain that said mom, but she doesn’t take hints well.  She did however, insist that I wrap her presents, even though I saw what she got me.  She keeps secrets worse than I do, so now I’m wearing a lovely chain of Christmas bulbs around my neck.  It’s so cute, one of the other mom’s had to buy one for herself after I modeled mine.  We may be starting a trend.

Somehow, it must have been fog caused by my head exploding, I got roped into running the Santa Sale next year.

Fa, la, la, la, LA!

This morning I went shopping for my kids.  I have to say I love shopping.  We don’t really buy them toys during the year, so Christmas is always a fun time for me.  Instead of saying No, no, NO, I get to say Yes, yes, YES!  They don’t know I’m saying yes though.  It’s a surprise.  Shh-hh.

I’ve had an electronic dog in my closet for a week.  Every time I go to grab some clothes, I have a minor hearty-tack, because this dog starts barking at me like it’s going to tear my foot off.  I even wrapped the critter and still it barks.  And whines.  There’s nothing worse than a battery operated whiner.  I already know I’m never replacing the batteries in that toy.

You wanna hear a true story?

It will make you feel like a better parent after I tell it.

When my kids were babies, my husband and I got so fed up with the random noises one night, that we went around with a pair of pliers and clipped every last wire.  There wasn’t a battery left in the house after we were done, and buying new batteries would never again ‘fix’ the broken toys.

Isn’t that terrible.

Don’t you feel sorry for my kids?

If anyone saw us that night they would have called the men in little white jackets.

For sure!

Anyway, just because I’m writing drivel on the Fringe doesn’t mean there’s not a lot going on in blogland.

Edie has some amazing Christmas food linkies going on.

Flower Patch Farmgirl wrote a great post on the real meaning of Christmas.

Lisa Leonard wears the cutest clothes ever.  Seriously, I would love to shop in her closet.  I would wear every single outfit she’s ever featured on WIWW.

What else?  Do you have any links to share?



6 thoughts on “Fa, La, La – Ruff, Ruff, Ruff

  1. Charming's Mama

    I read this yesterday http://www.aholyexperience.com/2011/12/when-christmas-gets-radical-whose-birthday-is-it-really/ Really got me thinking.

    HT had a toy that “read” to him and we were sure it was possessed because it would randomly start “talking” for no apparent reason even after it had been turned off. Often hours after anyone had even looked at it or picked it up. One night after finding it and removing the batteries when it had woken me up again I threw it into the trash.

  2. Betsy

    When my brothers and I were small our electronic toys (or anything that made noise) only “worked” on Christmas Day and the day after. After that they were “broken” and could not be fixed. LOL My dad actually cut the squeaker out of one toy because he found it annoying. I think that’s why I can’t stand mindless noise today as a parent. I try not to buy my kids toys that just make noise for no reason.

  3. Joyce

    Oh my word the battery story is hilarious. My girls are in their early 20’s but only recently learned I used to cheat at Candyland. I just could not bear it when that darn ‘go back to the beginning’ card would be drawn just before someone was going to win the four hour game. I might have stacked the deck : )


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