Zombie Cookies and Other Traditional Christmas Confections

I have vanilla icing on the inside of my purple coat.  I’m not sure what that says about me, but I think it means I’ve spent way too much time in my kitchen.  It may also mean that I am now diabetic due to holiday cookie overload.  It’s really not my fault.  People brought me candy and fudge.  I am only so strong.

Flower Patch Farmgirl also led me into temptation with her Crack Bark.  I do hope she’ll be posting recipes for carrot bark in January, because by then, I will be walking in the valley of the shadow of fat.  Know what I mean?

Mine doesn't look so pretty, but trust me, it will add five pounds to your hips faster than you can say "Merry Christmas."

If you haven’t been introduced to crack bark, you must go see this recipe and then make yourself a pan or three.

My little reindeer wanted to make gingerbread men, only she wanted them to be sugar men.  Have you ever read the Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett?  I love her books.  I can look at the pictures all day long.

Our gingerbread babies turned out a little bizarre.

Traditional Christmas Zombies – Doesn’t every family make them?

And this poor guy…I broke off his arm taking him off the cookie sheet.  Most kids would have popped him into their mouth and pretended he never existed.  My daughter said, “Oh good!  I’m make him a cast.”

I do hope this mean she has a future in medicine, because I need one of my children to make enough money to spring for the nice nursing home that’s in my future.  When I’m old and senile, I’ll remember the gingerbread boy with the broken arm.  I’ll probably call him by my son’s name, but hey, memories are what you make of them.

I brought 25 of these little penguin cupcakes to school this morning.  That’s where the frosting inside my jacket really came from.  They toppled over on the ride, and I even made sure I wasn’t driving crazy.  No cutting over curbs this morning or anything.  I can’t understand how the penguins betrayed my love for them.

I let my kids and their friends eat the leftover cupcakes last night.  As my son was sucking on his penguin ring pop, he said, “Did you buy these in the store?”

No honey, the Christmas cooking fairies waved their magic wands and turned me into a young Martha Stewart.

“We should stock up on these, because they’re really good.”  He said.

Yes, who needs fruit, veggies, and lean protein.  We’ll stock our pantry with sugar-coated penguins.  The dentist will be so happy.

What have you been doing with yourselves?

Do share, because I need topics of conversation for dinner.  I’ve spent the last three days in my kitchen.  I’ve got flour in my hair and icing in my coat.  Take pity please.


10 thoughts on “Zombie Cookies and Other Traditional Christmas Confections

  1. Laura

    I too have been baking. Carmel popcorn and raspberry tarts are the main culprits. We had to clean out the deep freeze tonight to fit all the groceries and baking in. Question, what would you do with a half-eaten icecream cake from the summer that was forgotten about and all freezer burned? Hubby decided the best means of discarding it was to put it in the toilet! All night long we’ve been running in to check out it’s status, it’s sooo gross looking! Hmm…not sure that’s really dinner conversation….

  2. Lynne

    Tricia, Is it a Mlynar thing that the tongue comes out the side of the mouth when working so ambitiously? 🙂 I’ve got so many similar photos in my albums!
    Merry Christmas to the Fringe Family.


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