2012: Six Things on my New To-DO List

So, it’s 2012.  I’m having a touch of difficulty wrapping my mind around our new year.  Wasn’t it was just 2000?  I mean, could it have been that long ago?

I’m sure a few people still have canned corn and ammunition tucked away in their basement.  On the eve of the last end of the world, I was too pregnant to care about computers crashing and people looting for food.  All that fighting for survival seemed easier than finishing my last seven weeks of pregnancy.

It just seems like twelve years ago was yesterday…makes me feel like I’ll be turning ninety in February instead of my usual twenty-nine.

Truth be told, and I’m a blogger who emotionally dumps words on a page, I was feeling pretty bummed about 2011.  I just didn’t feel like I accomplished enough in a year.  After all, these years are fleeting, and I’m almost ninety!

I may have wallowed in unaccomplished despair and self-pity for a hour minute or two on New Year’s Eve, but I got an attitude adjustment when I read Edie’s blog the other night.  She said, “God has given me everything I could possibly need in His son.  I am forgiven and blessed with the every good gift from the Father.  The rest  is icing on the cake.”

Did you hear that?

Everything I didn’t do last year or didn’t ‘get’ to do is only icing on the cake anyway.  I have everything I could possibly need already.  And here’s the bonus – I love cake and icing!  It’s great when I get to enjoy the bonus stuff, but I’ve got nothing to worry about when I don’t.

For the record, I have sworn off both icing and cake, and cookies, chips, soda, anything good and tasty, etc.  I will shed a few pounds this new year.  Hopefully twenty-five, but I’m realistic.  I’ll be happy with ten.

Did you make an resolutions?

The word “resolution” sounds all important and bona-fide, doesn’t it?

I’m not really making any resolutions this year, because let’s face it, in my house resolution means lie.  I never keep long-term resolutions.  I am refocusing myself on some goals though.

1.  I need to finish a book.  I have 30,000 words written on one book and 20,000 on another.  One of those books needs to make it to 50-60,000 words in 2012.  It’s a must do, even if just for myself.  So I know I can.

2.  I need to get more exercise, meaning I need to play Wii dance with my daughter more often.  You’d be surprised how much the beach boys and Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold make you move.  I just have to remember to close the curtains before we get started.  Once, I shocked the mailman a little, and not in a good way.

3.  I want to learn Zentangle.  Cathy wrote about it and now I can’t get it out of my head.  I think it would be so much for FringeKid and I to do on girl’s night.  I mean, doodling with purpose?  I’m there.  You should’ve seen my college notes and don’t even get me started on church bulletins.  I could totally rock this art form, because I’ve had mega amounts of experience.

4.  I want to do more new things this year, have more experiences.  I know it’s kind of vague, but I’m still working out my thoughts.  I just want to have lots of good memories to think about when I’m old and fully gray.  Before I lose my mind, that is.

5.  I want to spend more time having fun with my kids.  I mean, they will be teenagers soon and from what I’ve heard, that’s worse than them catching the bubonic plague.  Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day that I forget to have fun.

6.  I want to be thankful.  For all things.  Everyday.  I want thankfulness to become my default.

That’s it.  That’s enough for January.  Maybe I’ll revamp my list in July.

What about you?  What do you want out of 2012?


5 thoughts on “2012: Six Things on my New To-DO List

  1. Amber

    Sounds like a great list to me, but now you have me thinking about Y2K lol. My dad bought a generator, but I guess he wasn’t so concerned because he didn’t have it hooked up to anything. Plus that night we had about 15 kids at our house for an impromptu party watching some really long war movie we had to pause it to do the count down now what movie was that….

  2. Penny

    I don’t know what Zentangle is, but I must look it up now, lol.

    My NY resolution, I guess, is to do one home improvement or deep cleaning project a week. This week? Regrout the bathroom — almost done!!

    Next week — fix the shaky doorknobs! Hubby did it already, lol!!!

  3. LeAnn

    Hi Tricia,

    Well 2012 it is!!!! I didn’t make any resolutions this year because I never keep them but I am working on adjusting a few things in my life.


  4. ladyofthemanse

    Thanks for this encouraging post. I’ve been fretting about all the “I’m not’s” lately. I’m not where I wanted to be in our homeschooling. I’m not where I wanted to be in my weight loss (as in I don’t think I’ve lost any, or I’ve gained back what I did lose). I’m not where I want to be in my spiritual walk….the list goes on.

    I just need to quit complaining and cultivate a spirit of gratitude.


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