A New Year, A New Clean, A New Kinda Crazy

My aunt is coming next week and I’m super-excited.  It’s actually been a couple of years since I’ve seen her and this is the first time she’ll be to my house since my daughter was three.  That’s a long time ago baby.

It’s not that she hates my house…well, maybe she does, but that’s not the point.  Since she has a nice big house with lots of extra rooms and a pantry filled with snacks, we usually go to her house.  Plus, she lives in the sunny, warm place called Georgia.  Also known as the strip mall capital of the world.

But this time, she’s coming to my house.  One word for you people – CLEANING.

Aparently I don’t do it enough.  I tend to read blogs and write posts in my spare time, when in fact, I should be cleaning.  I just discovered I have a dust bunny farm in my bedroom.  It’s like I’m raising them for sale at the farmer’s market.

I’ve had three days of sweeping, mopping, swiping, chucking, scrubbing, spraying, and organizing.  I’m ready to embrace my lazy side once again.  Life shouldn’t be lived with a dust rag hanging off your belt.  I smell like lavender all purpose cleaner and although it’s a pretty purple color, it’s not exactly par-fume.

Did I mention I’ve been dieting these past five days?  I have.  I would say I could eat a horse, but I only have plastic horses in the house and they don’t have enough calories to fulfill my cravings.

You know what I realized yesterday?

Every single time I walk into a gas station or convience store, thousands of seductive calories claw at my arms and legs.  They captivate my eyes and make me drool on my gloves a little.  It’s true.  When did gas stations  go from filling your car to filling your internal desires to eat everything under the sun as long as it’s drizzled with a little chocolate?

That’s what I want to know.

In between my hundred calorie cream of wheat and my glass of flavorless water, I organized my son’s Legos.  It’s a projected he’s wanted to do for a long time, but we put if off.  Mainly because organizers costs twenty-bucks a pop and he needed a few; however, he got some Christmas money.  Although I think it may push the nerdy line a little, he spent his Christmas money on organizers.  Four to be exact.

If I didn’t help him, it would take him the next six months to seperate bricks.  I don’t have six months.  I need a clean house by Monday!

I used a day and half (believe me it took that long) of my life sorting Legos.  Not how I imagined my new year would begin, but I can now seperate a Lego from a cheap imposter on feel alone.  It’s like the skills bankers have for detecting bogus money, only in my house it’s Legos.  If you bring counterfit building bricks to my house, you could face up to five years in jail.

And if my kid ever dumps all those little bins onto the floor, someone may have to restrain me.  A day and half of my life people!

Then I made playdo with FringeKid.  Yes, I think it’s infinitely easier to go and buy a little container of cool smelling colored dough, but after a day on the floor with red, green, blue, yellow, gray, and black bricks, I wasn’t changing out of my pajamas.

Despite recent fashion trends, I don’t go shopping in my pajamas.

Just thought I just share.

I made a dinosaur embryo with my playdo.  Don’t judge my creativity people.  I lost half my brain to 1/2 inch toy bricks.

Wish me luck on my home overhaul.  If you don’t hear from me by Monday, send Mr. Clean.


P.S. Please excuse the wretched photography.  I would like to blame one of the kids, but it was me.


14 thoughts on “A New Year, A New Clean, A New Kinda Crazy

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  2. Penny

    I feel you on the cleaning. I’ve been moved in my house since August…and STILL have completely uncleaned rooms. However, I recently went over to a friend’s house who has lived in her house 2 months…not ONLY was it spotless, but her house was completely unpacked as well. I felt like a failure, lol!

  3. omega57

    Wow, that is some Lego organization! I do know after 2 boys now men who still guard their legos they need organization help but I must admit, we never had that many catagories. The deep IKEA shelves were super for the castles, tree houses and ships. But, but when there was a land sea battle, they were ready! When we move to East Asia there was a bunk bed minus the top mattress. It made a great castle and surrounding area that drew in all the other boys with our company. In fact one of our very precious suitcases was full of…wait for it…Legos!!

  4. momfog

    I love the Lego organizers. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stepped on wayward Legos. Those suckers hurt! I’d get the organizers but then I’d have to organize them. Hmm, my laziness and sore feet will have to battle it out.

  5. ladyofthemanse

    That is an amazing way to sort Legos! Does he have them sorted by kit? Or by type of block? My son keeps his kits in Ziploc bags (when they’re not built) in a tote. What amazes me is that he can remember which minifigure goes to which kit when he has over 70 minifigures!

    Wish I could do a big clean, but Time and my Husband being Away, need to coincide for it to be an effective one.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      He has them sorted by type of block. He has a lot of kits, but a few years ago, someone gave him a whole tote of Legos, so he has a lot of non-kit blocks too. That’s how he got so many. It amazes me how my son knows all his pieces too. I would have no clue.

  6. K.S. Schultz

    I try to plan a get-together every few months because it is the only way I am motivated to seek out those hidden dust bunnies, clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, etc. Hope you have a wonderful visit!

  7. crubin

    That is the most impressive Lego organization I have ever seen! If only I could do the same with my son’s eclectic collection of hobbies. Of course, that would require the motivation to do so 🙂

  8. LeAnn

    My auntie is coming to visit too in a couple of weeks for the wedding and I am super excited and I will be in major clean mode as well. Good luck on the diet…I truly suck at them:(



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