Throwing Red & Pink M&M’s Your Way

Hey Peeps!

Ok, I never say peeps, but I have marshmallow chicks on the mind.  I am dieting you know.

Let’s kick this month of love off the right way, with Romance on a Budget.  That’s what I’m talking about today at An Army of Ermas.

Come visit me and I promise you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love…ok, so maybe you’ll just snicker, but it’s still worth a click over.

Now here’s where the favor comes in…

Do you ever get sick of me asking for favors?

Of course you do, but this is just one more.  I promise!

*fingers and toes crossed*

When you visit me at the Ermas site, please leave a comment over there and not on my blog.  Well, you can leave two comments if you wish.  I do enjoy some comment love, but it’s not necessary.  The only way to know if a certain article is well received or not is to to judge it based on comments.  That gets confusing if half the comments are here and half there.

I hope you understand.

Now go visit An Army of Ermas. 🙂

Throwing red & pink m&m’s your way,


3 thoughts on “Throwing Red & Pink M&M’s Your Way

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      You know, I have that same problem. I think it’s angst between blogger and wordpress. I just emailed the editor to ask her to change the comments settings. Thanks for trying Chris. I do appreciate it! Sorry for the problems.


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