It Holds the Power to Change a Woman’s Life


What?  Did you think I was talking about chocolate again?

Shoes hold the power to change a woman’s life.  It’s true.

I present:




I’m sure we can add a few more women to that list, but I refrain from name-dropping whenever possible.

For my birthday, coming up in just eight days, I decided to buy myself a pair of shoes.  Apparently shoe shopping while in the throes of winter is becoming a habit.  I bought these last year.

I blame it on the lack of sunlight, SAD, and whatever the newest disorder is; however, I figure a pair of shoes is cheaper than both a tropical vacation and five sessions with a shrink.  Besides, it’s my birthday!

That’s reason enough to buy a pair of shoes.

I need a little help though.  Let’s pretend we’re all shoe-shopping together.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

I’ll show you some options and you tell me how wonderful they all are.


I do like honesty, and I realize my propensity for poor taste in everything from bedding to bangles.  I can be slightly tacky at times.  My husband says I have a bit of Mini Pearl in me, but I disagree.

I would never wear tags on my clothes.

Back to my birthday gift…

Let’s begin with The Wedge.  An entire post can be done on the wedge, and I think we have Spain to thank.  They showcased the Espedrille and now there are variations of all kinds, colors, and spots.

Nine West Blue Espadrille

Pink Polka-Dot by C Label

Red Nautical Stripe - Runway by KMart

I don’t want to buy wedges though, because with the help of a little hot glue, last year’s flower wedges will walk another mile or ten.

The next category is The Shiny Red Heel.

Maybe I have a bit of Dorothy syndrome going on, but I’ve longed for a pair of shiny red shoes for as long as I can remember.  Ok, I remember when the infatuation began.  It was in a Panera Bread and this woman’s patent leather red spiky heel dangled right in front of my eyes.

I thought, “I’m in lust.”

Then I thought, “Thou shalt not covet.”

Then I thought, “I’m really in love.”

I’ve never been able to shake the desire for a pair of these sexy and slightly powerful shoes.

Calvin Klein Carley

Because I live in a land where feet wear sneakers and snowboots, these would be terribly impractical; however, I’m getting old.  Who wants practical when you can own a pair of these.

Or these.

Gabriella Rocha Dancy

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Now you know why I am enamored.

It’s just that I have no place to wear a pair of these.  A night out at McDonald’s with the family usually doesn’t warrant red shiny heels; however, they are a dream I must fulfill.

I think I’ll put them on my bucket list.  I don’t have a bucket list, but I’ll make one for these shoes.

This is my honorary mention for Neutrals category.  I love these shoes, but I’m not buying a neutral.  I would if I had twenty pairs of shoes, but since I don’t, I need something a little happier.

Rockport Audrey Cross Strap

RSVP Akela

Winter Shoes I love.

Poetic Licence London Calling

Nine West Brown/Yellow

I really do love both of these shoes.  They aren’t totally impractical either.  They actually look like I can walk in them, and they go well with jeans.

Maybe cuffed jeans like this?

The top runner in my shoe selection…

Seychellis Asterisk Tan/Red

I like the colors, the style, and especially the heal.  I think the whole shoe is cute and since I can only pick one shoe, I’m leaning towards this one.

What do you think?

Should I reconsider?

Do you have a pair of favorite shoes?  Tell us about them.


Are you secretly lusting for a certain pair of killer shoes that can potentially change your life? Do share in the comments.

P.S. If you click on the photo of any shoe, it will link you to Pinterest and then you can get to the actual shoe seller.


19 thoughts on “It Holds the Power to Change a Woman’s Life

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  3. ladyofthemanse

    Alas, shoes! I envy you for being able to wear anything like those shoes! To me, any shoes but ones that are very wide with huge orthotics in them shout “Pain!”

    But if I were choosing, I would choose the second last pair–the brown and yellow ones from Nine West. And wish I could wear them myself, while my heels remain firmly planted on the ground.

  4. DJ

    “Dahling, there is no contest. You have beauty in all of your choices; narrow down according to comfort, and there’s your answer. Kiss-kiss!”
    (Okay, I in no way resemble the voice I just posted; just dialed-in my fashionista-alter-ego for a moment…) This paint-smeared, clay-smudged artist/teacher wears Ryka sneakers or cheap black flats. On special occasions, it’s black heels. I own two pair of black slacks and only two dresses. Nuff said. You’re on your own, kid. But I’m rootin’ for ya.

  5. laura

    oh shoes! My next post is on shoes I just bought in Ottawa!
    Love the red shiny shoes with the double straps “Gabriella Rocha Dancy” but agree that the Seychelles in red/tan may be more wearable. Keep in mind with peep toes you have to have your toes (at least the first 3 polished! I have exactly 1 pair of peep toes because I can’t be bothered, lol. I have turquoise pumps from Seychelles that were my wedding shoes!

  6. abozza

    I have two favorites that you’ve posted. I love the Gabriella Rochelle Dancy shoes. Love them so much! However, I am absolutely head over heels for the tan/red pair that you’ve shown last and are now your top runner. However, if it were me, I’d buy the former pair. Why? I get a healthy dose of foot anxiety with the tan/red pair. They are peekaboo toes. Do I have to paint my toenails? Will my toes look smushy in the little peekaboo hole? Can my Barney Rubble feet really pull them off? I love them enough to marry them, but I don’t know that my psyche is strong enough to handle them.

    I recently bought myself a killer pair of nude high heels. The first pair of shoes I’ve bought in a long, long time. I love them. I love them so much.

    Realizing how many times I’ve used the word “love” in conjunction with “shoes” in this comment reminds me of my own lifelong love for the shoe. Off to do some virtual window shopping! 🙂

  7. Bella

    I’m enchanted with your choices for the “winter” collection! Me? I’m not much of a shoe woman, (the crowd gasps) but have had my heart set on any, and I mean, any, Chie Mihara shoes. I visited one of her shops while I was in Spain and I confess I’ve never looked at other shoes again. What can I say? I’m a “If I can’t have you” type of woman! 🙂


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