My Idea of a Super Bowl


The question on everyone’s mind –




I think you know where the FringeFamily stands in this bowl.


7 thoughts on “My Idea of a Super Bowl

  1. DJ

    I’m really a college football fan. The pros are….well, we won’t get into that here. lol But I will watch a bit of the Big Game tonight. Your daughter is cute, as ever!

  2. Laura

    i could care less about the super bowl – as in the sport, I’m very passionate about the prospect of a self cleaning toilet – but may I say that your daughter’s nails look fabulous!! Enjoy your superbowl Sunday!

  3. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

    My husband, who is a rapid Giants fan, is on a flight right now. His biggest worry was “Will the plane be delayed? Will I be able to see the kickoff/game?” He’s rooting for the Giants. I am too since the STEELERS didn’t make it in.


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