A Reason for my Sanity

Sanity is a touchy subject.  Some of us think we’re sane, but really we’re tip-toeing on the balance-beam of crazy.  You know?

Photo via Facebook

If any of you ever visit the old blog and don’t picture me with a thousand tiny marbles rolling all helter-skelter in my head, it’s because I have a fabulous family.

I mean it.

I am so blessed.

I don’t just feel love on Valentine’s Day, although that’s nice, I get to enjoy their love every single day.

Why just this week…

FringeBoy had two small bags of m&m’s and hand-made birthday card waiting for me at the breakfast table.

FringeKid made me one of her famous queen cards.

FringeMan came home for lunch and took me out to Subway – Eat Fresh & Love Your Wife – should be their new slogan.

FringeKid bought her brother a book from the school book fair.  With her own money.

FringeMan chopped me a bunch of wood and did not complain about how often I feed the stove.

FringeBoy looked for and found my lost cell phone.

This Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking about all the people who make my life wonderful.  It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, widowed, divorced, or too young/old to care, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I know there’s someone who could use an extra-special I Love You from you.



P.S.  If you need a laugh, my son said THIS last Valentine’s Day.


5 thoughts on “A Reason for my Sanity

  1. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

    You are “normal.” And I enjoy reading about you and your family.

    I send my sisters, mom and aunts valentines every year. My Dad used to do it, and after he passed away, I decided to continue his tradition. We all enjoy — the giving and the receiving!


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