Fashion isn’t Nuclear Fission, or Is It?

So many in blogland participate in Fashion Friday, but I generally refrain.  Me giving you my opinions on fashion is a little like me weighing in on nuclear fission.  I’m just out of my league.

I’m no expert when it comes to “What to Wear;”  however, I do generally know what I like, and I have fun shopping.  I just don’t shop as often as I would like, but this weekend was an exception.  It was my birthday.

I know you’re all tired of me bringing up the birthday thing, but I promise today is the last time I’ll mention it until next February.  For my birthday I went on a crazy shopping spree.  I bought this bag, these shoes, and a dress.

The dress called to me when I was in H&M looking for a telephone.  I won’t embarrass myself further by retelling the story.  Today is all about the dress.

Here is the dress, only mine is greige (gray/beige combo).

Since I’m a good six inches shorter than the shortest super-model, the dress is longer on me.  It hits somewhere within an inch of my knee.

I like this dress because it is cotton, super-comfy, and it has pockets.  It’s a win-win in my spring/summer fashion book.  Here’s my question – Since the skirt is so flowy and full (much more than in this photo), and since it’s super windy where I live, can I wear legging underneath?

I’ve never tried this look before, but I think it might work.  Picture black leggings and cute shoes, maybe a cardigan.  Would that be too 2010?  Am I crossing style boundaries?

I told you, it’s like nuclear fission.

On the shoe front, these little lovelies should be delivered tomorrow.  I cannot wait.

Seychelles Asterisk Tan/Red

I really like the Seychelles brand.  (No they’re not paying me to say that.)  They have some very trendy, almost retro, styles.  The best part is that they have a blog…Seychelles Mise En Scène.  So fun.

So that’s my shopping spree.  Pretty good, huh?

Till next year…

Be sure to weigh in on the legging issue.  I need honest opinions before I go spend twenty-bucks on a pair of leggings.

Have you ever attempted the Legging + Dress look?  How did it work for you?

I thank each one of you fashion-lovely people.  Have a great weekend!


15 thoughts on “Fashion isn’t Nuclear Fission, or Is It?

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  3. ladyofthemanse

    I haven’t a clue! I’m a jeans and t-shirts gal (the plainer, the better), and capris in the summer.

    My knees aren’t to die for! I can’t imagine wearing anything that shows them.

    The dress is pretty though–very feminine.

  4. Adin B

    Those shoes are just uber cute! 🙂 I love those! Lucky you! About the leggings under the dress when it is during the warmer months? Would that be too hot though? hehehe.. I have read that some would actually buy one of those biker shorts to protect you from flashing people. Just a thought because I think I may have read it on a blog one time. 🙂 I think leggings would be nice for colder months cute boots and then just add a cute cardi on top of your dress and you’ll be good to go. Just my thought! 🙂

    Adin B

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Ya, Amber, my backside is spread a little (ok, a lottle) too far for legging and a sweater-dress, but this dress is really full and long enough to wear sans leggings. I just thought they would give me a little wind protection. I don’t want to end up wearing a parachute in the park, you know?

  5. crubin

    The fact that I didn’t even know a Fashion Friday existed in blogland should tell you I am the wrong person to weigh in on leggings (although, in retrospect, I guess I do recall coming across the words “Fashion Friday” a fair amount in my blog reading–just didn’t register in my unfashionable mind). I have been known to wear the same clothes two days in a row just to save myself the pain of picking something else out. Sweaters and jeans for me; or, when I must be more professional, a pair of Banana Republic pants is the height of my craziness.

    Now, handbags on the other hand? Hmmm, kind of like them 🙂

  6. Jenn

    Leggings are perfectly fine under the dress, which is adorable. I wear them all the time with long shirts, sweater dresses, and dresses to work and for casual. You can also wear capri leggings in the spring/summer. No, you are not stuck in 2010 with the look if you throw a cardigan over it. You can also wear a long sleeve shirt underneath.
    Nice purse, and cutesy shoes!!!
    Have fun with it!!!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      Deb, now that’s a really good point – one I hadn’t thought of. I’m stuck in a “cold” mindset. Maybe leggings could carry me through spring and then I’ll wear the dress on hot, dry, non-windy days. I should have thought of this sooner, like before I purchased the dress. 🙂


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