Try Something New

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I’ve been commissioned to try something new and then write an article about my experience with this new thing.

Easy, right?

Well, not so much.

It’s the “new thing” that can get tricky.

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I have an idea.  I’ve even started work on it, but I thought I should broaden my horizons.  Just in case.  You know?  I’d hate for my “one thing” to turn into a total flop.  Then all I’ll have to write about is a one-flop failure.  No fun!

So here’s where you come in.

I’m asking you nicely.

Please suggest something “new” for me to learn to do.

If your suggestion makes the cut, I will…I’m not sure yet, but you can at least know you’ve saved a girl from failure.  That’s enough reward, isn’t it?

I love you guys.  Be kind with your suggestions.


11 thoughts on “Try Something New

  1. Charming's Mama

    Sky diving or bungie jumping sound like fun. NOT! Although . . . I have actually considered the first suggestion, but not the latter. In my younger days I really wanted to own a motorcycle. BMW made a ladies bike that was really sweet. Maybe you could learn how to ride one. If I lived closer I could teach you how to quilt.

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  3. Lynette

    learn a new language. learn a new style of dance…I like the suggestion of belly dancing but there’s always other fun ones out there too. Learn how to cook a very complicated recipe. Learn a long poem by heart. Learn self-defense. Learn a great magic trick.

  4. Lisa Wields Words

    Although I haven’t yet this year, I always try to challenge myself by doing something a little out of my comfort zone. Here are some of the things I have done, as well as some I still plan to do. Maybe one of them will inspire you:

    Done: Voice lessons, tap dance class, poetry writing workshop, writer’s conference, create a piece of art

    Want to do: Learn another language, belly dancing, Zumba, oil painting (or watercolor), pottery


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