The Thrill of The Find

I considered taking a week off from blogging, because winter only provides so much blogging fodder.  It’s not that it’s boring (because of my children, I’ve banned boring from our vocabulary), it just gets a little dull.  There are only so many times I can say, it snowed today, while I sat in front of the woodstove and constantly fed it logs.

via Pinterest, from Goodstuff

It gets dull.

I could tell you that my son had the stomach virus for 3 days last week, or that my daughter spent all of Sunday violently vomiting, or that I’ve taken to hanging a Clorox wipe from my belt loop and swiping everything/everyone within arm’s reach.

I just don’t want to relive those moments in detail.  And I suspect, neither do you.

I planned on mentioning that we escaped the sick house for a few hours on Saturday night and went to the mall.  It was cold, snowing like mad, and it was the only place we could let my newly healed son get some of his bugs out.  When a twelve year-old spends three days in the house, he has bugs he needs to free.  Before the snow came, he and his friend went on a cold bike ride, but that wasn’t enough.

You know times were desperate, because FringeMan suggested walking around the mall.  He’s allergic to malls.  More specifically, he’s allergic to my spending money in malls.

I was going to show you my two great deals of the day, but then I thought this old blog was experiencing too long a shallow slump, so I scrapped the idea.  Until I read this post.  Finally, I found validation for my red clearance sticker.

I snagged the most adorable pair of pink patent shoes for my daughter.  They will look delightful this spring.

I’m really digging the orange strap.  For $7.48, they were a must buy.  My children go through an awful lot of shoes, especially considering they only have two feet each.  It’s like wild monkeys chew on their shoes all day.  That’s what it looks and smells like.

Then I was browsing through the clearance rack in the Gap, and I spotted this t-shirt.

I thought it as a good deal at $5 dollars and change, but it rang up at $2 dollars and change.

I know it’s a teensy-bit neon, but I figured I could exercise in it.


I know.

It just sounded really noble in the moment.

Do you shop between seasons?

Buy last year’s almost outdated goods at a fraction of the price?

Share your recent find in the comments.

And if you forgot to suggest something ridiculous for me to try, go HERE.


10 thoughts on “The Thrill of The Find

  1. Coming East

    For not having anything to write about, you did a good job on this post, Fringe Girl. I’m stressing over finding something to write about for tomorrow. Can I borrow your children?

  2. Jane

    So glad you didn’t take the week off. Because then, you wouldn’t have shared that clever pic of the man updating his Facebook status. I snorted out loud at that one.

    I actually tried to spend some money yesterday on between season sales and couldn’t find a thing. At least, nothing as snazzy as those pink shoes with the orange strap!

  3. Adventures of a Middle Age Mom

    I love end-of-season sales. When I find something that I love and it’s ‘value-priced’ I call it my ‘deal of the day!’ I got a terrific pair of black lace ballerina flats for $20 from DSW a couple of weeks ago. I adore them! Actually, they are on my feet as I type this!

  4. Laura

    i love buying things out of season. I always get the best deals that way. The only hard part is waiting until the weather is such that I can wear the item.
    Can you imagine living in a climate that doesn’t change….no real seasons where you can wear a sundress year round….would you still have end of season clearance sales? hmmmm…..


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