WIWW – Dork Dressing 101

Every single Wednesday morning, I sit at my kitchen island, a cup of coffee in hand, and I stalk bloggers to see what they wore all week.  I don’t know why I get so enraptured in people’s wardrobes, but it’s fun.  It’s like going through your roommate’s closet and trying on her clothes, only my roommate wears a lot of black and denim and it bores me to death.

Sorry love.  Black and denim look good on you, except when accented with camouflage, but I understand your need to blend into the foliage at a moment’s notice.  It’s a guy thing.  It’s why I enjoy What I Wore Wednesday, the meme I love from a distance.

Oh, I’ve shown you a few outfits, and as I recall, I bored you all to death really wowed the crowds.  I just cannot photograph my outfit every single day.  I mean, you’d get tired of seeing my pink fluffy bathrobe.

That was a joke.

I do change out of my robe and into normal clothes on most days.  Now you don’t believe me though.  I know.  I did this to myself.

So to prove that I get dressed, and because I have nothing else to blog about today, I submit to you a photo titled Dork Dressing – How to Look Like Your Home Decor.

My daughter snapped this picture and then quickly pointed out that I match our couch pillow exactly.

Sadly, she’s right.  Maybe I should go get my fluffy pink robe.

What about you?  Will you admit to stalking WIWW?  Or are you normal? As in, you don’t care what other people wore this Wednesday.

Oh, and I am supposed to tell you where my clothes came from.  Let’s see…

Jeans – Kohl’s, Long-sleeved t-shirt – Gap, Sweater – Express (I think…maybe Limited), Bracelet – Francesca’s, Boots & necklace – Target, Socks…naaah, you don’t care about those. 😉

For other girls and their clothes, visit WIWW here.


12 thoughts on “WIWW – Dork Dressing 101

  1. Susanne

    i love your outfit–especially the sweater and necklace. my favorite thing is to wear a sweater with skinny jeans and boots. i LOVE wiww and look at almost every single blog–i think it’s great to get inspiration from other people. although i will say i have shopped more since i’ve been doing wiww than ever before! 😉

  2. Tiffany

    Ha! You’re so funny! You do match your pillow, but you do it so beautifully, that you might even make it a trend. Dressing to match your home decor… Just wait, it’ll catch on! 😉

  3. Coming East

    I didn’t know there was such a thing as blogger stalking about clothes. Shows you just how out of it I am. As for me, I refuse to write anything unless I’m wearing my pearls. That’s normal, isn’t it?


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