Date Night & The Angels Sang Hallelujah

About a week and half ago, I pleaded with facebook to send me a babysitter.  Actually, I only needed a child sitter, because all my babies are grown-up, and child sitting is easy…feed them junk food and turn on the television.

I am happy to report one angelic sole stepped up to the plate and had me drop my kids off at her house.  The kids had a blast and I am eternally grateful.

As much as I wanted a night out to spend some time alone with FringeMan (and I did!), I also wanted a reason to wear my cute new birthday shoes.

On a totally gross note, feel free to diagnose that reddish lump on my foot.  It’s been there for a few weeks and is constantly shrinking, but it’s still there.  Weird, huh?

Ok, enough of my hypochondria!

I figured I could use my date night as an excuse to get dressed and take pictures for WIWW.  I just want to tell you that the girls who participate in What I Wore Wednesday are lovely and inspiring and they make photographing oneself in a favorable light seem easy.  For me, it’s not so easy.  In fact, it’s next to near impossible!

I’m swearing off pictures and WIWW after today, maybe forever.  I know, no one is sorry.

Me either.

FringeMan and I went to an Italian restaurant and ate too much.  It was nice to be able to talk like grownups without having to answer a million questions from two munchkins.  It was nice to be out on a date, something we don’t get to do very often.

My husband even tried to ignore his phone, but he lapsed into a moment of temporary insanity when he sneaked off to the bathroom to return a business call.  I busted him.

No phone for you FringeMan!

I wore this lovely necklace FringeMan gave me Christmas.  I thought the red matched my shoes – the shoes I did not get to wear!

Right before we walked out the door, it started snowing.  Giant flakes began turning the world white and I didn’t want to risk ruining my new shoes.  It’s not only the snow, but with snow comes road salt and nothing kills a nice shoe like road salt.

So I took off my beloved Seychelles shoes and put on my boring black boots.  They’re nice, but not like my new shoes.  You know?

I see another date night in my not-so-distant future.  A date night with clear skies and maybe slightly warmer temps.

There’s just really not a lot to do where I live.  We went to dinner and then to Barnes & Noble, because let’s face it, Barnes & Noble is cheaper than the movies, even if you buy a book.

Any ideas for date night?

Where do you go when you have a sitter for your kids?

I need some new ideas, because letting FringeMan loose in Barnes & Noble is a dangerous thing.

FringeMan found a camouflage B-I-B-L-E, and that scares me.  It really does.

Go visit WIWW and get some inspiration for what to wear.  And because I’m supposed to tell you where I bought my clothes….

Dress – Kohl’s clearance about 5-6 years ago.  Coat – Loft clearance many years ago, leggings Gap, Shoes – Seychelles, Necklace – a gift from camo-man.

Don’t forget those date night ideas.  I need to keep FringeMan out of retail stores.  He might find a suit to match his Bible.  🙂


21 thoughts on “Date Night & The Angels Sang Hallelujah

  1. Manda

    First – you look so cute – don’t give up on WWIW!! {I always feel so silly doing those posts – but it is fun!}

    Second – your red lump…I am having surgery in a couple of weeks to have a cyst removed from my foot. It’s in almost the same spot. Mine has just been getting bigger and bigger though. And more of a clear bubble with red around it. Sorry to be so gross. So it could be a cyst?? Hopefully yours gets better on it’s own.

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      I don’t think it’s a bunion. According to online medical experts, it’s in the wrong place for a bunion. I think it’s a cyst or some kind of bone spur…according to online experts of course. 😉

      FringeMan does have pretty good taste in jewelery. Not so much in Bible covers.

  2. debbie york

    When it gets just a tad bit warmer and you’re in no danger of a salt rub, I say put those bad boy shoes on, drive to a park, and let Camo-man push you in a swing. Who knows…teeter-totter next?
    P.S. You sure know how to shop!

  3. Hattie

    Love those shoes!!! The whole outfit is so cute. I feel the same way about taking pics for WIWW. How do those ladies do it?! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!!!

  4. Jenn

    Love the camo Bible!! That is too cool!!! You looked very pretty for your date night. Sorry you didn’t get the wear the shoes, but maybe next time. FringeMan did a very good job with your necklace too!!


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