Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

This week the FringeFamily will get to experience winter and spring all in the same week.  It’s pretty incredible really.  Monday was snow flurries and Thursday will be fifty-seven degrees.  That’s shorts weather in these parts.

Apparently the excitement in my life has hit an all-time low, because I feel the need to blog about the weather.

I did beat my kids in a riveting game of Monopoly on Sunday afternoon. I’m not sure what’s more exciting than swindling a ten year-old out of St. James Place, because you need it in order to buy a house.

Monopoly is our go-to game.  I think every family has a certain game that the kids gravitate towards when they are bored.  I only wish our go-to game was tic-tac-toe.  I’m confident in my ability to come out a champ in that game, not to mention it’s about 3 hours 28 and half minutes shorter.

FringeKid always adds her own unique spin to the game.  The boot, bag o’ money, and top-hat aren’t good enough for her.  She insists on using characters with bug eyes and flashy colors.  At times she insists we all use them.

It’s a direct reflection of her personality, but while she may look goofy, she has all the Chance and Community Chest good luck fairies on her side.  She generally only buys railroads, never bothers with property that requires houses, and hoards stacks of money.  She never ever picks a card that send her to jail without passing Go.  Dare I admit I get a little frustrated with my daughter’s lack of strategy and luck of the draw?

Even FringeBoy gets a bit annoyed by her good fortune.

And don’t let her fool you, it’s not just Monopoly she’s good at.  She sweeps hand after hand of UNO without giving one thought to the cards she’s throwing down.

I guess we must come to terms with the fact that she’s a natural-born winner and we may be not so natural.

So while we began this week with snow and board games, we may finish it with sunshine and a swim.

You just never know what excitement lies around the next cold front.

What about you and your family?  How are you passing the long cold days of winter?  Or are you a lucky dog living in a place with palm trees and blue skies?

On a serious note, my heart is sad for those whose lives have been forever changed because of tornadoes.  My thoughts are with them and my prayers for them.


9 thoughts on “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

  1. Leah

    I love Monopoly. I’m looking forward to playing it with my daughter when she’s older. Right now we partake in riveting games of Chutes and Ladders and Candyland.

  2. robinaltman

    It has been wonderful weather, but I mostly see it out the window. On weekends we walk the dogs and jog outside. That’s pretty cool considering it’s supposed to be winter.

  3. Charming's Mama

    Today I would have gladly stuck my youngest in a card board box and set him on the side walk with a sign that read, “Free, to a good home”! Any ideas how to get dry erase marker out of clothing and bedding and curtains and carpet and how about removing it from furniture, not to mention removing it from said boy, without scrubbing his skin off?


    P.S. I hate Monopoly.

  4. Tiffany

    How fun! I love board games! =) The Hubs and I used to play them all the time and then we got too competitive and started fighting while playing them… that’s when we decided to start watching Seinfeld and Celebrity Apprentice together instead. lol

    It’s B-E-A-utiful here in the panhandle this week! Not to rub it in, but I’m even hoping we can get some beach time! =)

  5. abozza

    Don’t oversell Tic-Tac-Toe. It’s never just one game. Never. It’s a thousand games that all end in a draw, which, of course, prompts yet another game. Give me Monopoly ANY day, because although it’s loooooooong…it will end. And there will be a winner. And it will not be me.

  6. Deb

    I’ve been thinking about those poor folks too. You know what we do, huddle in front of the fire, day after day after day… 🙂

  7. free penny press

    well I hate to say that I live in the land of palm trees and blue skies and it’s a balmy 83 today….sorry..
    so we pass the time with that ever lovely sidewalk chalk….
    ps-love the kids expressions..too cute!


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