When Little Girls Grow Up

I’m sitting with my coffee in a silent house feeling a bit nostalgic.  I just sent my daughter to school looking more like a teenager than a little girl.  All of a sudden, I don’t like that.

I’ve seen her in a silly animal hat so many days that I forget how quickly she’s growing up.  It’s hard to tell the true age and maturity of a child with a red and gold chicken on her head, but this morning, while she ate her toast and drank her milk, I took the time to give her a top-knot with a bunch of little twisties and baby claw clips.  The bangs I’m making her grow out because I can’t stand to cut them every two weeks fall into a very chic swath nearly covering one eye.  Then she put on her glasses and it was over.  It seemed she went from two to twenty in two seconds.  Now I am in shock.

She already talks about boys following her around and poking her with pencils and I know I’ll be tempted to lock her in her room before too long…with FringeMan standing guard.

My mother put this up on facebook.  I wish I knew the source.  If anyone knows, please pass along the info and I will give that person/site appropriate credit.

At first I thought this application was funny.  Now I think it’s necessary.

Her Easter dress came in the mail yesterday.  (See dress here , sweater here, and shoes here.)  I’m thinking I’d better throw a bear hat on her head, even for Easter, because she’s the kind of kid that I want to keep a child forever.

My son grew up at two months old.  My daughter is just beginning at ten and still, I’d like to slow her down.  I suspect this is the plight of many a mom.

So for now, I’ll keep brainwashing her into thinking marriage is only for thirty year-olds and brothers always go on all dates with their sisters.

The end.


17 thoughts on “When Little Girls Grow Up

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  2. ladyofthemanse

    I live in hope that my daughter will just wait for the right one. Until then, I go on ALL dates!
    Just kidding–we haven’t got there yet, and I hope we don’t for a while.

  3. Angie Vik

    Love the dating application, especially the line that says the application takes 4 to 6 years to process. I can relate to feeling sad about having your children grow up. My youngest is 13!

  4. robinaltman

    That is such a bitter sweet feeling. The “they grow up so fast” thing is just too true. If it makes you feel any better (it won’t), there are hilarious things about teenagers, and the older my kids get, the more fun it is seeing them grow into young adults. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every age, and I look forward to the future.

  5. Charming's Mama

    So yeah, my 5 year old son asked me the other day how babies were made. I told him he was to young to be asking that question, but he kept pestering me so I told him very simply that is was like planting a seed, the mama has the seed and the daddy waters it. This morning he asked me, “why do mama’s have boobies?” then asked “why do the daddy’s have water again?” HE’S ONLY FIVE!!!! ARGHHHHH!

  6. Lisa Wields Words

    I started reading THE CARE & KEEPING OF YOU: THE BODY BOOK FOR GIRLS with my daughter this morning. Every day she looks longer and her face has lost any ounce of baby fat. She isn’t interested in boys yet, but her days are numbered I fear. Or maybe mine are. Sigh.

  7. Amber

    I’m laughing right now at your ‘marriage is for 30’ statment. With my parents the magic age for everything was 42, dating, kissing, marriage we could do it all as long as we were 42….

  8. deb

    Keep her as young as you can for as long as you can. Laura was a grownup at 12 months I think and her sister took 20 years. Hubby told the girls all their boy friends had to have an RCMP security check. 🙂

  9. free penny press

    I was the only girl and my brothers were soooo overprotective.. Then how did the world test me, I have FOUR daughters and oi vey…No dating until 12th grade, no boys were allowed to hang around, etc.. Needless to say the youngest girl is 18 now, they are all great young women..

    yes mom..NO DATING YOUR DAUGHTER…lol

    Love this post:-)

  10. abozza

    My Monkey Girl just turned 11 and some days, I feel like she’s so much older. She takes after her Dad in height, and I think that is part of it. I walk into her room and she’s sprawled across the bed and she’s just so long! We still snuggle, but she’s so big, these days, it’s almost like she’s snuggling me instead of me, snuggling her. Add into that the adult-ish conversations she’s been initiating with questions about growing up and I feel like I have no idea where my baby girl went. The good news is that we got her an iTouch for her birthday and she texts me just about every second we’re apart. 🙂 I think I’ll keep encouraging that!

  11. Tiffany

    Awww, I can’t even imagine!! My Little Miss is still just a tot… I can’t imagine how it’ll feel to look at her in ten years and feel like it’s all passed so quickly. It makes me think that we need to treasure these times with our babies while we have them!

  12. muddledmom

    Brothers should definitely go on dates with their sisters, right? That’s what older brothers are for! I dread it. I remember wanting to grow up so badly. It’s natural, but not to a momma.


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