Date Night: Taking Chances

Last night I went on a date with my husband.  That’s two months in a row, possibly a new PC (post-child) record.

I woke up feeling like Mexican food, because, honestly, Mexican food combines all my loves – cheese, fried, meat, cheese, chips.  Throw some salsa on it and a side of refried beans with cheese (of course) and you have a spicy meal.  It’s all good and it’s generally cheap.  Besides, I love bright colors and Mexican restaurants are usually full-on tacky.


We just don’t have any Mexican restaurants near where we live.  It’s kinda spooky.  If we had known enchiladas would be so hard to come by, we may never have moved here in the first place.  Even our Taco Bell is a case of food poisoning waiting to happen.  Note:  I happen to like Taco Bell and they are usually fairly clean; however, this one is an exception.   When an eleven year-old boy, my son, even thinks a place is too dirty to eat, it’s bad.  Health Department where are you?

For this cause, FringeMan took to searching the internet.  He came up with a Mexican name, claiming to serve food, about 30 minutes from our house.  We’re adventurous, so we set out, our tummies rumbling for spicy.

As we pulled into the parking-lot, my spidey senses kicked into high gear.  At first glance, things didn’t appear quite right, but the lot was full, so we proceeded.  I entered, took one look around, and would have bailed, but FringeMan thought it seemed worthy of a try and we had very few alternatives.  McDonald’s was around the corner.  Enough said.

We stayed, we ate, we survived to tell the tale.  Besides, they had a beautiful mosaic on the wall below the counter.  If I ever live in the southwest, I am so gonna pimp my place with mexicali mosaics.  Rest assured we would have the tackiest house on the block.

Why is it some dives have the best food?

I had chili cheese enchiladas that came with rice and refried beans.  They were more than I could eat, but I gave it my best shot.  They were very cheesy, very good.  I’m not sure I’ll ever go back, because let’s face it, I’d be pushing the odds of getting food poisoning; however, I have no regrets.  Sometimes you have to risk your abdominal well-being and eat on the fringe.

What about you?

Where do you enjoy eating out?

Would you test fate and risk eating at a dive?


8 thoughts on “Date Night: Taking Chances

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  2. The Illiterate Author

    This post totally made me laugh! I’ve been to some pretty sketchy places over the years, but I think by far the worst was a tiny Chinese restaraunt my family and I stopped at on a road trip years ago. Our first clues should have been:

    1) It was virtually empty.
    2) When we asked the waitress what was good on the menu, she replied with “I don’t eat here.”

    When they finally brought our half-cold food, I realized they brought me some kabob I didn’t order, and forgot one of my sides. When I told the waitress, she just scooped it up off my plate and carried it back to the kitchen. To this day, I’m convinced that someone else got that kabob later on that night!

  3. robinaltman

    Pretty mosaic! I love any restaurant, but my favorites are Japanese and Indian. One of my good friends is Indian, and she is the best cook ever. We go to whatever Indian restaurant she likes.

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  5. free penny press

    Sometime the dives have the best food (not always, but sometimes).
    Glad you two had a nice meal and a Date!!

  6. abozza

    I have a bad track record of eating out. Every time we go out and I have something in mind that I want for dinner, they happen to be out of that item on the menu. Every single time. It’s a running family joke, now, that I can’t say, ahead of time, what I want, otherwise it’s sure to be gone.

    I love Mexican, also. I would marry cheese if it grew legs, so Mexican has always served me well. I love Italian food, as well, and so when Real Man and I have a date (we’re trying to plan one, as it’s been over a year due to Tiny’s arrival) we have a place we like to go that we’ve been going to since we started dating…in high school. Needless to say, we get in ruts. 🙂


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