Frenemies, Hairstyles, and Cothes on Monday

Shoes are a girl’s best frenemy.  Then again, maybe only I feel that way.  This morning dawned bright and beautiful.  The sun shone, the clouds stayed at bay, and I decided to wear my birthday shoes.  It was like learning to walk all over again.

I don’t care what anyone says, walking in 3 1/2 inch heels is not easy.  It’s like walking on stilts minus the clown outfit.  I should even be careful making that claim since I have no idea what you think of my wardrobe.

I also have an Achilles heel, only it’s in my ankle.  When I was about 15, I tripped on a loose manhole cover in Manhattan and gave my ankle a good twist.  God just didn’t see fit to equip us humans with fully rotating ankles.  It would have been a good idea though.  After injuring my left ankle, I proceeded to walk another 50 or so city blocks.  My family has zero tolerance for sympathy and didn’t care.  A few days later, when I had kankles (thank you Loyalist Cottage Mum for teaching me that term), I realized my foot would never be the same; however, I am nothing if not persistent.  So, weak kankle and all, I still almost walk in 3 1/2 inch heels.

I got giddy when I made it down my front steps, traversed the terrible incline to the road, and crossed the street before the speeding black car scuffed my new shoes.

I’ll pause for applause.

That little tale was purely a ploy for sympathy since I never got any from my mom.

Moving on.

I’ve been trying to do my daughter’s hair in the morning.  Yes, she is ten.  No, I haven’t done her hair in the past.  Since she grew hair, she’s hated having anything in it.  For about 8 months a year she covers her head in stuffed animal hats.  Sometimes I forget she has hair; however, she’s turned a new corner in her growth and development.  She now wants fancy hairdos.

So I give her Fain-Cy.  Ok, I do the best I can.  I’m not magician when it comes to straight locks.  Everything slips right out!

Messy Bun

Here’s my “Messy Bun”.  I had to consult YouTube to accomplish this look.  I did photograph the picture after school, so it survived a full day of school complete with gym.  I was pretty impressed.

Here’s a front view of my diva.  She says the girls are all jealous of her side bangs, because it seems that hair hanging in your line of vision is all the rage among fourth grade girls.

This is what I like to call “The Princess Up-do”.  Ya, I totally just made that up.  It was picture day and I didn’t have one clue what to do with her semi-wet hair.  She was eating corn flakes and rushing me like crazy, so I just started rolling and clipping till I couldn’t roll no mo’!

The Princess Updo

Again, these photos are after a full day of school, so all in all it worked.  I wouldn’t be able to do anything without those tiny claw clips.  They are the only thing that holds her hair.

If you talented ladies have any cute hairdos that work for your girls, I would appreciate a tutorial.  Ok, I’ll settle for a snapshot. 🙂

Today I’m playing along with Not Dead Yet Style:  Visible Monday.  I totally stole this idea from the Broken Poet.  Thanks Laura!

I’m also linking to Monday Mingle and Transatlantic Blonde.  Go check out their blogs!

Fridays are school spirit day and the school color is purple.  She’s the Kool-Aid Girl.

This is the H&M dress I bought on my birthday shopping trip.  I paired it with leggings because it was still chilly out.  I also wanted to wear a cardigan, but my cardigans all looked stupid with it, so I froze a little.  The things we do for fashion.

I wore this outfit on my date night to the questionably safe Mexican restaurant.

Dress - H&M, Leggings - GAP, Necklace - Franchesca's, Shoes - Hand-Me-Downs

I also wore a pink Half-Tee under the dress.  Ok, peoples.  I adore Half-Tees.  It’s the best money I’ve spent on clothing.  Nearly every v-neck top requires me to add a tank.  Tanks never stay in place on me, so they are terribly annoying.  The Half-Tee just solved all my problems.  Tiffany did a post on them and I used the coupon-code she included in her post.  I am SO glad I did!

For fun – A Mommy & Me photo.  She’s almost as big as big as me and she’s only ten!  Help me Lord.

So now we’re visible.

I have one word for this weekend – Fantabulastic!

Sunshine + Warm Temps = Happy Me

How about you?

How was the weekend??

Go check out Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday and check out all kinds of inspiring spring looks.


19 thoughts on “Frenemies, Hairstyles, and Cothes on Monday

  1. jaymers

    I just love reading your blog. See, I learned about half-tee AND texturizing spray (I’ve got the same problem with my kiddos hair… and NOT nearly enough patience to deal with it). And can I say how cute Fringegirl is with her Fringe bangs. Side-swept, I might add. Yep, fourth graders are really the best advice out there for what’s “in.”

  2. momfog

    I have two words for you. Texturizing Spray.

    I have really long hair, perfect for braiding, twisting, etc. except for one thing. It’s fine as fine can be. It simply would not hold. Then, I found a great little concoction on Pinterest (also a great place to find cute hair ideas, btw.)

    Mix 1 tsp. epsom salts, a few drops of olive oil (or jojoba oil) and 1/4 cup water in a spritzer bottle. Spray it on damp hair. It gives fine hair “grab.” Use sparingly, though. I love this stuff. When I use it, I can put my hair in a bun with nothing but a strand of my hair holding it up.

    Love the dress and I envy your shoe experience. I can’t walk 5 feet in 3 1/2 inch heels, much less down stairs.

  3. Tiffany

    First of all, I’m soooo happy that you discovered Halftee for yourself. I adore mine and wear it all. the. time! lol Second, I LOVE your birthday shoes! I can pose beautifully in heels, but um… I’m not all that graceful when I’m carrying around the Little Miss on one hip and holding the hand of my Little Guy. I’m pretty sure every parent at my kids’ daycare thinks I need to give up heels! =) And last of all, you did a great job on your girls’ hair! She looks adorable!

  4. crubin

    I’m thinking it’s good I only have boys. I would have no idea how to style a girl’s hair as evidenced by my own everyday’s-the-same hairstyle. Fun post. 🙂

  5. Laura

    Love this post. You’ve got some great hair talent!! Also, you have my deepest sympathies on your shoe trauma. Is it really bad? Is it a scuff on the toe, or a big line Down the side?

  6. free penny press

    Love her updo’s and your “date-night” outfit is to cute..Love, love it!!!!

    My weekend was awesomatic!!

  7. Mom

    If I gave you sympathy all the time you would not be who you are today! Question. Since my visit at Christmas time, what happened to my little girl? she seems to have grown up over night.

  8. Terri (@RagsMachine)

    The dress is cute and will prove to be very versatile in the coming months as it warms up. Also, like the princess updo. I know that I had three daughters and sometimes spent hours on the brushing and braiding. Have you tried French braids?


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