The Day After Ugly

So my “ugly” post is being received about as well as bowl of poison berries.  I just felt like I had to say life is ugly.  Sometimes.  We may white-wash her, prop her up in a corner, and paint her lips, but she’s still ugly.  There are people who are hurting, who have lost everything, who need some hope.  Some days are all about washing machines leaking puddles of sudsy water all over the floor and dryers burning up.  (true story)  The blessing is hope, even in the middle of all the ugly.

Enough about that.  Maybe I should stick to words and forget about artistic expression through lousy snapshots.

Now on to more frivolous, but equally important topics…

This Sunday FringeMan and I were anchors in a tug-of-war.  We were on opposing sides in a four-way tug-of-war.  Think about that.  How much of a chance do you think I stood when pit against FringeMan.  He most certainly had an unfair advantage.  Both myself and every single unfortunate child on my team went flying through the air.  I lost my flip-flops!

I think the Awana leaders set us up for comic relief.

Then it was parents/team-leaders against kids in a game of dodge ball.  Those children don’t mess around.  It was war and we handled those dodge balls like they were live grenades.  I launched one directly at my daughter and it walloped her in the head.  Perfect shot.  It exploded on impact.  Then they told me head-shots don’t count.  In what war do head shots not count?  It’s my own kid I took down and you’re gonna give her a second shot at life?


It was a fierce game, but they gave us ice-cream sundaes when a cease-fire was called.  Ice-cream heals many wounds.

Maybe it’s the cure for all the ugly in this world.



9 thoughts on “The Day After Ugly

  1. rhondaschrock

    Absolutely – ice cream fixes a lot! Seriously. Glad I married someone whose turning into Mr. Premium Ice Cream, cooking it up on the stove top. No ugly in that, I’ll tell you. 🙂

  2. Sherri @ Design2Shine

    I thought your ‘ugly’ post was great writing and photos. We all see the ‘ugly’ in life, some just choose to ignore it, some try to make improvements and some just like to complain. I feel you gave a fair perspective.
    Ahhh and the injuries of Tug of War. Ice cream is a great bandaid. 😉

  3. Ashley

    There is a lot of ugly in the world. There’s even ugly where you don’t expect there to be. My neighborhood–a suburby place–appears to be insanely safe, yet there’s been a string of break-ins recently (including my own house…when I was home…that was fun) around the area. There’s also meth, pot, and other drugs. Booze. Probably more domestic violence than one could imagine, too. But it all looks so nice on the outside, tied up in a pretty package. I supposed that’s rather morbid.

    Anyway. Ice cream!

  4. abozza

    Ugly is life. Not all of life, but there is no beauty without the ugly, so we can’t pretend it doesn’t exist. AND…they weren’t lousy photos. I thought they were pretty darn good!

  5. jaymers

    I didn’t read your Ugly post until you linked to it. Must have missed it. It’s weird, I personally live in a town that is pretty white-washed. The more run-down areas of town are far from view, and since I rarely venture into them, it’s not on my radar. But your photos deeply reminded me of my hometown in Wisconsin, which used to be a thriving manufacturing area. When I went home last year in February, we literally vowed NEVER to visit again in February. It’s depressing. The ugliness for me is not so much uncomfortable but omnipresent. The skies were gray, the houses were unloved, the whole community seemed barren. Oddly, when we visited again in May, things felt so much more alive, so green, so much more hopeful. Spring does come around everywhere, doesn’t it? Not always on our clock, but it does come around. Beautiful post!

  6. ktlee

    Hi Miss Fringe Girl! I felt compelled to leave a comment — life isn’t always pretty, and I appreciated you showing us your personal “ugly” from your neighborhood. I thought it was brave. While we may not always want to see it, the “ugly” is there and yours showed heartbreak and homes being stolen through arson. Thanks for being brave and sharing! Hope today is a pretty one! 😉


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