The Ugly

For many months I’ve had this thought in mind…do a post on the ugly.

I don’t really know why, but I feel I must share with you the ugly, because sometimes life isn’t pretty.

Usually bloggers, including myself, only photograph the lovely, the good, and the bright; however, we all live with some ugly.  At times, the ugly takes over, but don’t lose hope.  God makes all things beautiful in His time.

Maybe that’s the message I really want to bring you.


FringeKid and I armed ourselves with a camera and set out for a slow stroll around the block.

Yes, this is my neighborhood I am showcasing.  In the three years I’ve lived here, we’ve had so many houses burn it’s like regularly scheduled programming, only it’s terrible.  Real people lose everything.

Some of the fires were arson, but mostly it’s just because this town is old and there’s no money in it.  People cannot afford to update the systems in their houses, so they fail.

Will you walk with us as we journey through real life?

An abandoned house, the third house to the right of my own.

This house had a fire our first fall in town.  It’s been vacant ever since.

These steps could welcome the Morticia, but others?

You can rent-to-own this gem.  Wanna be my neighbor friend?

Burned two years ago.  Arson.

Soon enough, this dumpster will smell as bad as it looks.

Are you feeling better about your ugly, whatever that means to you?

The grass isn’t always greener.  Sometimes it’s dead.

Even the flag looks tired of flying.

And just when you think all hope is lost…

a little glimmer of new life grows up and surprises you from the inside out.

He has made every thing beautiful in its time…


14 thoughts on “The Ugly

  1. AmberPamper

    I love this post! Life is ugly but few are willing to admit it. Sometimes life gets so ugly I don’t know how to cope. People want to see happy, positive, stable lives. When lives get hard or messy people don’t like that. Some have shiny happy lives with few bumps in the road while others have pot hole filled streets in their way. I will admit I struggle with this especially. How God is no respector of persons yet some live lives like Job in His kingdom. I tell myself constantly each person has a purpose and some of those purposes are messier than others! Ok, rant-end.

  2. Tiffany

    You are abosolutely right.. life can be oh, so ugly. But it only makes us appreciate the sweet and beautiful moments all the more. =) Thanks for sharing these real life photos!

  3. Sue, a Florida Farm Girl

    I think you found the forlorn, lonely and forgotten — and being forlorn, lonely and forgotten whether humans or buildings is truly ugly. So, its up to all of us to fix those things when we can. If we don’t stop to look at ALL he things around us, how will we ever appreciate anything?

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