My Mind – Streaming

Happiness over the sun shining several days in a row.

Pain from a rogue migraine.




The mind battle over weather to eat the last scoop of ice-cream in the freezer or NOT.

Intense love.


Isn’t it amazing all the emotions we can go through in a day?  If you’re a hormonal woman, you can run through all those emotions in five minutes.

I’m going nowhere with this…welcome to my stream of consciousness post.  Be scared, very scared.

I have damp and slightly smelly laundry hanging all over my house, because my stupid dryer stopped working.  Actually, it will work for two-minute intervals, but FringeMan said unless I want to burn down the house, I should NOT attempt to use it.  He’s declared it dead, and he fixes nearly everything, so if he says it’s ready for the grave, it’s beyond resuscitation.

Mourn with me people!

There are underwear hanging from the towel-bar in the kitchen.  Now is not a good time to stop by, but I’m sure everything will be dry by seven o’clock tonight when the ladies arrive for Bible study.  NOT.

The sun is glowing on my front porch/lawn and I am so tempted to cast my laundry out as if I were spreading grass seeds.  It would dry quickly, I am certain; however, my neighbors may never fully recover from my public display of a freshly washed load of whites.

For the past two nights my daughter has become Susie-homemaker.  She even busted out the broom and mop.  Her room nearly sparkles.  She told me that “we should do this spring cleaning every year, because it looks so nice.”

“Spring cleaning?”  I said.  “What you did is not spring cleaning, it’s just CLEANING.  You should be doing this every week.”

Stunned.  She was stunned.

I guess I’m pretty lax when it comes to my standard of clean for my kid’s rooms.  I do regularly send them to clean, but my expectations are generally low.  Even when it does get good and clean, it doesn’t last long, especially if more than one child is involved.  Messes multiply in the presence of children.  They can’t help it.  At some point, I believe they were genetically altered to create disaster from order.

Now I’m left to contemplate snowpants, more specifically whether I should chuck the beat up pair of pink ones hanging from the hook in my hallway.  It seems odd to keep out a pair of snowpants when you sent your child to school in shorts, but I’ve shoveled my way out of many April snowstorms.  I am leery of this summer weather, enjoying it fully, but leery just the same.

I’ve notice spring doesn’t really exist anymore, not in the North East anyway.  We go from snow to 80 degrees overnight.  When I was kid, we had what we called “spring jackets”.  There’s no need for them now.  One day you’re wearing a snow suit, the next day you’re wearing your bathing suit.  It’s a bit of a shock for our bodies, but I’m sure we’ll survive.  I just pray we do not go back to snow suits.

That’s it.  My brain just shut down.

You can move on the emotion that rejoices when I fall silent.

Many happy spring blessings to you.


6 thoughts on “My Mind – Streaming

  1. free penny press

    Ha!.. too funny you are.. Once I had my kids cleaning the baseboards..I went to rinse out their rags and when I return all 3 were singing “I’ve been working on the railroad”.. such a slave driver I am, right?

    Kids are too funny!!!

  2. Zen and Genki

    I so feel ya, sister! Especially on the kids cleaning their rooms bit…I keep hoping they will grow into wanting to keep them tidy, but that strategy, I think, is a misfire on my part 🙂

  3. Deb

    You are too funny. 🙂 I can just picture FringeKid all disappointed that regular cleaning is not spring cleaning. 😉 You just made my day!


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