Jet Lag & Family Photos

We are not awake today. I think we are suffering from jet-lag even though we never crossed a time zone and we never set foot in the air.

Why is the trip home always so much longer than the ride to go away?

My favorite photographer, Kelly Ferreira, took some pictures for us on Easter.  We haven’t had a family photo since the kids were babies, so this is a treat.

I have so much to tell you, but I need a nap first.  I’ll be back soon!

I’m going to go ahead and link this to What I Wore Wednesday even though it’s only one outfit.  My dress is from Modcloth and the shoes are Miz Mooz.  My daughter’s lovely dress came from the GAP.  Both the dress and sweater were on the clearance rack.  Can’t beat that!

I know you’re not interested in the boy’s outfits.  Funny thing is that I ran out Saturday night to pick up a new belt for my son.  I also carried his shoes from NY to Atlanta just so he could wear them on Easter.  I didn’t realize he wasn’t fully dressed until after church and after we took pictures.  Oh, well.  At least I tried.  That’s worth something, right?
pleated poppy


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