Enticement, Tackiness, and True Love

I’m in love with a store and I don’t care who knows it.

Charming Charlie, Georgia

Charming Charlie knocked the socks off me.  It’s an estrogen paradise.

Everything in the store is sorted by color, proving my theory that color-coding life is the way to organize the world.  In work, I once color-coded all the files in the electrical engineering department.  It was not a welcomed gesture, but I was, and still am, convinced it a superior coding system.

Charming Charlie does bling well, very well.  In a world of accessories, it’s absolute perfection.

Charming Charlie - Accessory Paradise

I may have gone to the store three times in one week, but I’m not addicted or anything.  It’s my daughter’s fault.

Resident Juniot Diva

FringeKid is my resident junior diva.  There were so many cute hats, she was positively verklempt.

What is a girl filled with X chromosomes to do?

Buy a cute new bag, that’s what!

This bag is a million times better in real life than it is in this photo.  It’s so lovely that my sister-in-law drove to Atlanta from Florida, took one look at my bag, and dragged me out the door to go find another.  It’s just that cute folks.

Now we are sisters by marriage and twins by shopping.

It’s a good life.

I walked away from the store with one purse, one of the cutest wallets this side of the Mason-Dixon line, and two necklaces.  I couldn’t stop myself.  I felt like Eve munching down on the crispy apple.  I’m almost certain the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil looked exactly like an earring tree filled with colored crystals sparkling in the sunlight.  It was like I had a snake on my shoulder enticing me to give in to my tacky.  I need not be tempted twice.

Call me Tacky Tricia and hand me a zebra striped wallet with a large leather 3D flower in hot pink.  Thank you very much.


10 thoughts on “Enticement, Tackiness, and True Love

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  2. crubin

    We have a store similar to that in our town, but with two boys, I never go in there. I do, however, use it as a scare tactic. If they are messing around when we’re downtown, I threaten to take them into the girlie store.

    By the way, I think your color coding of the engineering department is brilliant!

  3. Tiffany

    There’s a Charming Charlie’s just outside of Mobile… I haven’t been yet, but I really want to. That place looks like any girl’s happy place!!!

    1. the domestic fringe Post author

      This one was right outside Atlanta, but I know they have more around the country. I’m just not sure where! I also believe they have a website, but don’t quote me on that. 😉 It’s such a great place. If you can find one near you, you must go. 🙂


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