Me and My Girl (and maybe a zombie or two)

I can’t believe how much my little trip threw me for a loop.  For the past two days, I’ve been in la-la-land, and not the good la-la-land.  I’ve been walking around like a zombie without the dripping flesh or the desire to roast my neighbors on the BBQ.  For Bible study last night, I grabbed a few bottles of water and couple of cans of Diet Coke with lime and tossed them on the coffee table.  I went all out.  It was a regular free-for-all.

Normally I try to make coffee or tea and throw a batch of brownies in the oven, because I study the Bible better with a warm brownie in my hand.  Don’t you?

Worse than my lack of hospitality was my the fact that I barely rolled out of bed and downed a few more Advil before the ladies started knocking on my door.  A migraine completely sideswiped me and I turned into the walking dead.

Today is better.  Thank God.  I can only imagine what I might have tossed on the table for dinner if I weren’t feeling better.  I can see the shock on my kid’s faces when a raw chicken bone landed on their plate, complete with a side of hand-tossed dandelions.

Before you say it, I know dandelions are edible, but my dandy-lions are not.  Trust me.  We have stray cats and dogs that like to romp in my lawn.  Enough said.

I am cooking a healthy dinner though.  I’m pretty excited about it.  Grilled lime chicken over salad with fresh Farmer’s Cheese from a local market.  I’m not often so healthy, but I’m trying.  I even considered the organic sprouts, but they would’ve broken the budget.  Besides I can only handle a little health at a time.  I was the kid that swiped my veggies into the garbage when no one was looking.  The only reason I didn’t toss them under the table is because we didn’t have a dog and I knew my mother would eventually notice a sea of smooshed green beans on the floor.

Now aren’t you glad I decided to blog today?

Didn’t think so.  I’m not even sure I can stand to reread this and look for typos.

I really sat down to show you some pictures.  I love these picture like I love a bag of m&m’s.  Ok, maybe I like them more than m&m’s.  I don’t have any good pictures of me with my kids, because when I was pregnant, women hid from the camera.  I think that’s terrible.  I love all the pregnancy pictures that women have done now.  Then I had my babies and I brought them to Waly-Mart for photos.  Yes, I had 475 pictures of the same pose.  I may still have a few from when my son was six weeks old.  Want one?

Once I totally splurged and took both my kids to Sear’s Portrait Studio.  They leaned up against a stool and posed for the camera.  I thought they were sure to be the next super models.  As far as photography goes, the only good decision I made was having a picture of my grandparents and my children taken together.  Those photos are precious to me now.

Good golly I’m spitting out words faster than my husband spits watermelon seeds.  Sorry.  I’ll just show you the photos.  Kay?

I know these photos are all the same pose, but this was after church on Easter Sunday and we were all starving.  The boys kept rushing us because they didn’t want to wait for dinner.  It’s obvious dandelion salad wasn’t on the menu.

Oh, and sorry about bringing zombies into the post.  I guess part of me is still in la-la-land.


8 thoughts on “Me and My Girl (and maybe a zombie or two)

  1. Laura

    you are too funny! Welcome back from la-la land.
    Those pictures are so sweet! Those are frame and hang on the wall photos!! And, I love both your outfits! You both look absolutely lovely.


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